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Well said. And to b clear I wasn’t saying all color stacking is bad. I do it in raids. I look at the color of the other teams front player and stack totally against that. It works! I mean the odds r it’s not going to every time. Thats obvious. But I was just saying I was thinking most the complaints would come from all color stackers because it will appear less fair and it’s a good excuse to blame a loss on if u don’t have a positive attitude like u or just understand risk/reward. Glad u added
that to prove there r not only positive people here but those who get that this it’s a game
and games r not fun unless u like a challenge.


I mean don’t get me wrong I have some success with it… 22 for 25 wins from my attacks according to my raid tower log.

My mono dark team is ~3550 TP and can kill anyone. It’s just not as automatic as my 2 - 2 - Wu offense which rarely loses.

There’s a greater element of challenge due to the randomness of the tile generator and initial placement - everything after you have some degree of input and control over.

For example, I do not generally opt for cascades or look to explode gems because of the randomness element being reintroduced into my attack. So I incrementally destroy tiles, especially the ones I need to prompt my heroes specials as they fire at different speeds. Also, creating a dragon or gem tile creates an extra tile that crticially counts towards your heroes mana. It’s that level of detail you factor in when your looking for only 20% of the tiles for damage. FUN?! I think so!


You and I are on the same page, Snowdoggydogg. The mono raid team is challenging and takes strategy. Even in wars, I’m doing the same now. I switched over in the past couple months, and it’s taken raiding fun to a whole new level!

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I just wanted to know if devs punish for using mono in raids. The answer is pretty much clear - not really.


Is this a good spot for me to talk about board randomness? I was wondering @Garanwyn, if any of your boards started and immediately reshuffled. I’ve seen it twice now since V.23 I wasn’t recording, and of course by then, it’s too late. You collected a lot of data though, so I was curious. Mostly because I remember this from the AMA

Why do opening boards have no good matches?

The boards are set to ensure that there is no insta-match, that the boards don’t start playing themselves. But I don’t believe there’s any lingering effect from the fact that we make sure that you don’t get a match before moving a tile. It shouldn’t affect anything.

Boards are truly random; it’s really hard to convince. Even if we had an engineer explain it, it probably wouldn’t help the cases where people don’t believe.

found here: SGG "Ask Me Anything" transcript - 13 March 2019

Well to answer your question I’ve had a starting board immediately reshuffle multiple times.

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Curious if you collected this Mono data on wars. I’ve been suspecting the same suspicion.

Hi, was too lazy to do this :slight_smile:

Instead of feeding in my opinion or analysis of statistics, these are the numbers I have been tracking for some time now.

Average number of gems/tiles for 100 boards: running all 5 colors (Rainbow Team):

7.01 Red

6.98 Green

7.00 Blue

7.02 Purple

6.99 Yellow

Average number of gems/tiles for 100 boards: 3 Purple* and 2 Blue:

7.11 Red

6.99 Green

7.03 Blue

6.89 Purple*

7.07 Yellow

Average number of gems/tiles for 100 boards: 5 Blue*:

7.05 Red

6.99 Green

6.82 Blue*

7.07 Purple

7.06 Yellow

Average number of gems/tiles for 77 boards: 5 Red*:

6.79 Red*

7.00 Green

7.03 Blue

7.13 Purple

7.05 Yellow

I haven’t been tracking war boards as long, but I have been keeping track for last 18 wars.

War boards :: I always run 3 of one color and 2 of alt color (e.g. 3 blue and 2 purple):

Less than 7 of major/primary color: 63

7 or more of major/primary color: 45

**4 or less of major/primary color: 9



Always a breath of fresh air to see data


Just did 4 summons from TC 20, got 3 Renfields.

Odds in a random system? 1:1,070,004,330,007

Odds in E&P? 1:4

A few know the truth.

How did you calculate those odds? Do you ALWAYS get 3 Renfeld every 4 pulls?

That’s the excuse of someone with something to hide. An engineer doesn’t need to explain it. Frankly, whoever answered that question doesn’t know anything about randomness or engineering.

All they have to do is reveal the origin of their RNG and how it distributes numbers. They won’t, it’s broken/tampered, end of story. There’s literally no discussion to be had, because as you just showed they are happy to leave it a matter of faith. 90% of players will feel horrible playing this game and not know why, 9% will feel horrible and thank the company for the privilege, and the rest of us just want honesty about the broken/tampered RNG.

The reason the conversation seems to go in circles is that there are so few of us having the correct conversation. Whoever answered that question is some combination of intentionally misleading, irredeemably arrogant, and ignorant, among what are I’m sure some well-hidden but very fine qualities.

Another field I want to investigate, but admittedly have no hard data: tournaments. The current 3-star tourney (and others that restrict a specific color) usually result in stacking a specific color. For example in this tourney my current team is stacked with 4 yellow and 1 green.

As of day 4, my only loss started with the board screenshotted below.

In several other tournaments, my losses came when I lose multiple heroes before I even get the first set of colored tiles to break.

Again, I have neglected data collection in this realm, but curious if other data from others.

My “theory” is more along the lines of: Losses during tournament or war events are more memorable or frustrating and that’s why they stand out more in my mind.

Moving forward, I will be trying to be more diligent (and OCD) about collecting this data as well.


Anyone can count tiles and see that the rate a tile appears when stacking 3 or more heros of the same element is closer to 10% than 20%

So you are disputing cold, hard evidence for your feels? Hmmmm…

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No. The stats in this thread were taken before I believe this was changed with an update. I believe this occurred summer 2019. I’ve collected data for 30 matches as a sample size and performed this test 10 times. The average I calculated is 10.67%.

Like I said, anyone can gather these stats and see the same

Yea im resurrecting a dead post. Sorry.
Al of the data I have seen is based only on starting boards, is this correct? was any data ever collected on tile distribution or new tiles on the board after the starting board? @Garanwyn

Hi Garanwyn, I had a lot of ideas on this issue, but I came to one conclusion each time. The artificial intelligence in the background definitely make opposite to the 5 heroes I have. And thanks, dear Garanwyn for the excellent data what you collected. I did a different sum to the statistic you shared first. I can just say that it is not a good idea to just add colors together. Let’s do it like this, which color comes across the most each time, as opposed to 3 colors in your team? I collected it 51 times it came from the color you didn’t have, 34 times from your team. I considered the rest equal. It’s not half and half, for the most part, whatever color you don’t have in your team, you’ve come across it. This is just my perspective. And again thank you for your effort.

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