Color defense debuffers, who are they? where to find them?

I reached to a point where I have enough variety of heroes to deal good amount of damage on titans by combining buffs and debuffs.

I have Ranvir for the gamble.
I have a defense debuffer like Wilbur
I have an attack buffer like Boldtusk

But I have no hero that debuffs titans on a particular color defense.

So the question is very simple, does anyone have enough knowledge to tell me which are those heroes that debuff color defenses and where can they be summoned?

Red defense debuffer?
Blue defense debuffer?
Green defense debuffer?
Yellow defense debuffer?
Purple defense debuffer?

Thanks in advance.

Red- falcon
Blue- Frida/ Artur
Green - eve
Yellow - jackal
Purple - panther


Guardian Jackal (yellow) and Guardian Falcon (red) are 4 stars to be summoned on Guardians of Teltoc event. Guardian Panther (purple) is a 5 star on the same event. Unfortunately we had one last month, so next one probably only next year.

Evelyn (green) was a Hero of the Month in December 2018. She’s the only one with that power. She may return in few months as returning HotM on Atlantis rises, that’s your best shot.

Frida (blue) was HotM in March 2019. Similarly to Evelyn, she may return in few months. King Arthur is another blue option with that power - he is a 5 star to be summoned on Knights of Avalon event. We will have that one in September, note the chances to get him are rather low, and with new legendary heroes added to the pool as of Sep, they will be even lower.


Fantastic information, thanks both of you

Red Element debuffer: Falcon (G Teltoc)
Normal defense down debuffer: Wilbur (Atlantis), Gormek, Santa (Christmas)

Blue Element debuffer: Arthur (Avalon), Frida (HOTM-22 March 2019)
Normal defense down debuffer: Athena (HOTM-2 July 2017), Grimm, Isarnia, Ulmer, Valen

Green Element debuffer: Evelyn (HOTM-19 Dec 2018)
Normal defense down debuffer: Buddy (Christmas)

Yellow Element debuffer: Jackal (G Teltoc)
Normal defense down debuffer: Not yet available

Purple Element debuffer: Panther (G Teltoc)
Normal defense down debuffer: Ceshire Cat (Wonderland), Tiburtus, Kunchen (HOTM-21 Feb 2019), Gill-Ra (Atlantis)


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