Color defence debuff on titan

Been trying for Evelyn with no luck. Tempted to try again but have really reached my limit for what I wanted to spend to get her.

I have Tarlak/Wu, Greg, Buddy, Wilbur and all the regular 4*.

How big a difference does it really make to have color specific defence debuff against a titan?

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A great difference but always depending on boards.
-54% E.DEF is a powerful weapon on color stacking.

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For me, the game is more fun, when I stay within my budget. No regrets in money spent, no stress. And there is always a next hotm, Atlantis or event hero for the next month’s budget.


Evelyn will be back. Just focus on what you have.

But to answer elemental defense debuff, refer to @FraVit93 post lol


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