Color conversion scrolls

I would really be a fan of items that convert board tiles to a specific color. I propose there be scrolls that convert X random board tiles to a specific color. There would be minor/regular/greater versions of the scrolls that would convert 3/6/9 tiles. The quantity of 3/6/9 I think is a good number considering that the board is 5x7 tiles totaling 35. They can be limited as to how many of each kind or color you can bring into a battle like current items.
So if you are fielding a mono-colored purple team, it would be very wise to bring a few purple conversion scrolls into battle. I for sure would use these on all my teams!

This is an interesting idea, and seems like something on par with features in other match-based games that I’ve played.

I’ve seen people suggest hero specials that would affect board composition on occasion, but only this one old thread about introducing items for changing tiles:

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I too play other match 3 games and suggested adding shields here:

However the simplicity of the color conversion scrolls would be very easy to code in comparison and easier is better for the devs. The 15 new scrolls would be a hot seller in the market and everyone would collecting ingredients to make them.

Let’s leave this open. That’s an old thread and got sideways fast.

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So looks like SG is implementing this in the Hunter’s Lodge via the item ‘Scroll of Alteration’

Scroll of Alteration: 5 random shields are transformed to match the target’s element.

Since the scroll of alteration uses the target hero to set its color there only needs to be 1 instead of 5 kinds, which is great! The targeting kind of is similar to The Hero Color Change Scroll idea

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