Color blind mode

Change shading of the tile colors.

Didnt see this in the release notes lol


apparently it says “beta” at the top, so it might not have been intended to be released this version.

i like it though! i know a few color blind folks who might really appreciate this addition. :slight_smile:


Is someone merging with the master branch prematurely again?!?!?


I noticed that as well…was wondering if it had been there for a while and I thought just didnt notice…

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Yes! Yes! Yes! I darkened my greens some and now I can tell yellow and green dragons and crystals apart, woo hoo!

Purchased gems for 2 10 pulls in gratitude!

Please please please keep this awesome accessibility feature!


Color Blind Mode is indeed available in the live game (version 21), although still in beta phase. Seems like this has been omitted from the release notes, I’ll edit them. Sorry about that!


Color Blind Mode added to the Settings is a great feature. Thank you Devs for doing such a great job!
Please consider adding the Color Blind BUTTON in the EDIT TEAM Menue
That would make the feature much more USABLE


One of our very long-term members is colour blind and I’m constantly amazed at how well she can play. I think this is an awesome addition to the game!


“Devs want only money, they don’t think about players” - yes, and we can see this now, they absolutely don’t think about colorblind players.

I’m not colorblind but it is awesome for easier playing :green_heart:


THIS!! OMG, so much THIS!!! Thank you!!!

EDIT: I know that sounded like a 12 year old girl at a [insert boy band flavor of the month here] concert. But I am actually a 42 year old middle aged man that could not tell the difference between yellow and green tiles. This is MUCH appreciated. Sorry for the tween girl squeals.


@Ozy1 don’t know if you saw this or not, but I know it’s something you’ve been asking for.

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I know this isn’t the intended feature, but since I’m getting dumb and forget what I’m doing, the dulling of the “non useful” tiles makes it easier for me to be less stupid!



Where is blocked player button now @Petri ?
It was replaced by color blind button, so we can’t unblock someone we blocked…

The top of chat now has Global, Alliance, [Gear].

Click [Gear] >> Blocked Players.

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Here’s a nice color blind mono fail Haha


This is really cool!

I’m glad to see Empires and Puzzles finally adding a colorblind option. Other puzzle games like Tetris and Puyo Puyo already had it, so it’s nice to see that this is implemented for E&P :slight_smile: everyone deserves to be able to enjoy playing.


Yet another color blind mono fail!

Rngesus has it in for me today damnit

The dev’s just have it out for color blind mono stackers… latest conspiracy theory.


Yet another thank you for allowing to adjust colours. I set green a little darker and now I can tell yellow and green apart. Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:


Hi, thank you.

Please correct if I am wrong here.

I did just test it out but it seems it only works with the actual tiles although I couldn’t reproduce both a green and yellow diamond together as yet but I did notice no difference with the dragon heads shades. This part actually gets annoying when there is a diamond you don’t want to use right away or when both are there and you hit the wrong one, it can affect the games outcome.

The colour blindness wasn’t with the tiles themselves as they are marked with their own element design it was with the rings at the base of the opponents heros, monstirs etc as displayed below.

Can’t tell the difference in monstors.

And the hero borders in the storage (example)

Notice the purple and blue side by side, I can’t tell the difference between the two. This is the same with yellow and green.
When I feed, unless I remember each heros actual element (and I don’t) I need to tap on a hero and pop it up to see which element it is.

If each hero had their element badge (small) in a top it would solve that problem. As fir the rings at base of opponents, they are what would need to be defined using the updates new settings.

I know colour blindness is a hard issue to deal with (solve) with fonts online as there are many variations of C.B which range from total C.B to not being able to tell simular colours apart as in is the biggest issue here The blue/purple and yellow/green ring at the base the heros themselves.

But the new update is great and I do thank you for letting me know.



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