Collection of bad and good working special combinations

Hi folks,

as the title says I would like to collect a variety of good and bad tag teams of at least two heroes.

Examples for good:

  • (+) Triton with every type of healer or hp-generator (e.g. Kashrek)
  • (+) Minion to Ameonna will protect the opponent from ghosting tiles while Ameonna ghosts herself

And bad:

  • (-) Boril and Cyprian or another hero with counterstrike aside of em (specials won’t cumulate)
  • (-) Firedamage (e.g. Colen and Kelile) over a couple of turns should not be combined (first will be overwritten by second)

I know that some kinds of shields would not combine well, but not exactly how and from whom.

Maybe you can add some infos by marking good with a (+) (a plus) and bad with a (-) (minus) like mine :slight_smile:

Cheers, Olmor

Collection of all posted:


Wilbur + khiona

With both active, any of your 5 heros can be hit and it increases the attack buff of khiona+nearby allies


(+) Wilbur and Meldendor/Sabina: Purge the spirit link of the enemy. You could also combine Wilbur with aoe since it renders the enemy link useless.
(+) Wu Kong+ AoE: I have a Wu Kong/Quintus/Azlar combo that has won me many battles in the war, even with a 300 team power disadvantage
(+) Li Xiu + Little John: Drain their mana and keep it low. Takes a while to set up but has also done pretty well in war. I think it’s even better if you put Khagan between them

(0) Wilbur and Kiril: If you trigger Wilbur first Kiril’s buff is more of a debuff, but if you trigger Kiril first the attack bonus works nicely.

(-) Richard and Horghall: Atk debuff doesn’t stack. This is the same for any 2 defense/atk buffs and debuffs
(-) counterattack and spirti link:

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  • Jackal/Falcon/Panther/Arthur/Evie with a strong sniper of the same color such as Joon/Marjana/Sartana/Magni/Lianna
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Good combinations:

  • Attack buff (Boldtusk, Kiril…) + defense debuff (Tiburtus, Wilbur…) to strongly increase damage output. If you are color stacking, add an elemental defense debuffer in that color for even more damage.
  • Attack debuff (Scarlett, Richard…) + defense buff (Kiril, Vivica…) to make enemy attacks basically useless. Similar to above, elemental defense buffs will also help but are only really effective if the enemy is color stacking.
  • Mana gen buff (Lancelot, Khagan) + any special that gives extra mana (Alberich, Misandra…) will increase the mana gained significantly.
  • Hp drain (Elkanen, Leonidas…) + healing buff (Triton) to increase the amount of HP recovered by the drain move. Also consider combining with the damage increase combo above for further HP increase.

Bad combinations:

  • Mana block/slow (Little John, Proteus…) + full mana punisher (Merlin, Hansel…) makes it much harder to get the full benefit from the punisher.
  • Tarlak + Wu Kong makes Gambler’s Stance weaker while still reducing accuracy.
  • Wilbur + any of the bunnies. No need to put up a wall of defensive buffs and then put a hole in it for your enemy to exploit.

@Olmor You can summarise all points in the top lead article and link the respective combos to individual posts in this thread. That way it will be easy to overview all.


I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to have nearly the whole content of the thread also in the first post.
But if it gets longer maybe…

I copied all to the first post as quotes.

If mana control is your game, I don’t see why having Proteus/Hel and a generation debuff would constitute a minus. You can time it so that when Proteus lets up LJ slows them down.

Merlin/Proteus/Hansel would be great on a raid against a smart opponent who puts a Zim on the wing opposite Alby.

Similarly, on attack, Zim and Ares work if you use Zim first. 3 characters get an awesome buff, the other 2 do OK, and you get a cleanse.

About the only true (-) that comes to mind could be overstacking minions, which could be a thing with Druids.

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How about this for a combo. There’s no reason why this defense should keep me in Diamond arena. I use this team to drop my cups and it usually settles just around 2400. I have a feeling that people can’t stand to lose to a Gobbler tank defense. The ones who do lose that is, this isn’t that strong of a team.

Gobbler tank FTW!


BOn a developing war roster I often raid Sabina Misandra Gato Agwe Gilra. 4/5 works. It easily performs as well as a team with 200-250 team power more.

So jelly of the Tarlak.

Would love to hear your thoughts on a maxed out +20 Mitsuko running a 3/5 Sakura bonus.


Perhaps the family boost will make em last.
Gobbler against Mother North and other Minions.
Nice team :sunglasses:

Let’s see, hero class gives +4% mana generation if you select the right path. 3/5 Sakura bonus is worth another +4% for a +8% total.

Break point for shaving off a tile’s worth of mana on offense is +13% for Average speed. You’d need +5% more to get there so any mana troop, even a Level 1 mana troop would be enough.

QoH and Wilbur: QoH taunt means only she can be targeted, and Wilbur’s spirit link spreads the damage that does get through to all the heroes, helping preserve her minions. Great for raid attacks, even moreso against AoE heroes like Isarnia and Quintus.

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Another bad combination: riposte + defense buff. I used Aegir and Cyprian together in the Paladin/Monk class quest (because I have very few options in those classes), and realized it was a bad idea to have their specials on at the same time as it reduced the damage - and thus the counterattack. Instead, should have waited until Cyprian’s riposte wore off, then used Aegir to help heal back damage.

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We know that DamageShare + Riposte = just asking to lose :stuck_out_tongue:

However DamageShare + Reflect_Holly or Reflect_Ice actually works, because the damage reflected is calculated without damage share being taken into account.


Bad combination: Kestrel and Atomos + any mana reducers (LoTL, Guin, Mitsuko, …).

Good combo:

Jean-Francois and, for example, Killhare.

Fire J-F first and then Killhare, Killhares -20% def will instead be +42% def.

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Gunnar and 1-4 Namahage should also work

Edit: Works! Will be my next Challenge Event Team

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Good combo:
C.Magni & Master Lepus.
Result: devastation on fast speed. May be able to kill Telluria+20 with Protect.

And also has good synergy with JF too.

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Wilbur + Finley.
Will down defense and share damage for all enemies and then Finley will do the rest with his multiple hits, which will be received by all the enemies.

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