Collect gems II - or how to waste your time

It takes you 28 flags to collect 18 gems from Collect Gems II quest.
That’s my whole world energy.
To refill my world energy I could purchase refill for 100 gems.
So basically I am wasting usable resource worth 72 gems.

How useful is this quest then?


I never do it.

I’m sure every f2p does though.


Do you usually buy world energy? I don’t. After filling my monster chest, I use WE to finish the Gems 2 quest, I end end up with more gems than I started with.


Yeah I did it this time. :flushed:

But not every time, depends on WE priorities for me.

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The quest is fine. The problem is the cost of world energy is too high. I only did the first two stages though. Got chain mail and scabbard on second stage even.

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I just do the first 2 stages. The 3rd one has a much worse energy to gem ratio.

I don’t buy world energy, but I could still use it as reference point - E&P estimates WE should cost 100 gems.

To fill monster chest and Quest you would need around 50 flags.
You can get 2-5 gems from monster chest usually with those 18 you’ll get 20 at the end.

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The game is constantly giving WE flasks, so what is the problem? I have 40+ WE flask and havent paid a single gem for them.


Are you sure about “constantly” ? :slight_smile:


More than i use thats for sure. Thats why they keep pileing up

Sadly it’s a waste of we…
The rewards aren’t worth it.
Every normal stage (even 3we) would give better outcome.
I wonder every time.
These qests are good for absolutely nothing :frowning:

Every time I see it, I make sure I do it. Playing for free and this is one of the only few methods I get gems without spending (aside from chests and MV). I don’t have VIP Pass either so I am not getting those daily gems.

I may not do it all at once because there is usually enough time for me to do these in between monster chests, which I don’t spend gems on to speed up either. Rarely ever use World Energy Flasks unless there were Rare Quests coinciding with other essential quests or I foresee I won’t be able to do them before they expire.

I may be the opposite of the extreme, but that is just how I choose to play the game.


That was my point :slight_smile:

For what are you using the gems collected as F2P player?

Don’t tell me for summons :slight_smile:

How long it will take you to collect 300 gems?

You’ll get a Rare hero in two days from TC 13 but to collect 300 gems fot the same result you’ll need a month!


Same here. Im always happy when i see this quest, recruits II, and rare quests are the best ones IMO.


E&P also estimates I should be willing to pay 300,000 gems to skip the training time in one of my camps.
I’d rather spend gems on atlantis pulls or troop pulls.


Recruits II is different - at least you take an epic troop token at the end which costs 250 gems,


Once i collected 3000 gems as F2P for Atlnatis x10. It took 4 months at the most.


Come on Mr.Sabaton! You can’t collect 3000 gems for 4 months :slight_smile: as F2P player.

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