Collect all (button)

Nowadays to collect food and metal, players should move around hanging on a repetitive task.

Shame on you! Would you sell for 30 gems a collect all button? Please, you gain and we relax.

Collecting also manufactures and heroes because for any added item and heroes we would see a red tip that indicates that something changed and require our attention.

How to add this feature? In the guard tower menu or by that way. Like put a clock in the tower or into the castle which raise a “collect all” popup when something is ready.

Thank you.

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Farms and mines could be relocated in a way they stay into a nearby space and this will help to collect iron and hams BUT the collecting procedure is ripetitive and boring. Nice to have but we definitely need a “collect all button” item to buy or win and I suggest that it would came into the shape of a clock to add to the tower.

The Big Ben suck them all! :scream::joy::muscle:

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Here I am refining the idea of having a clock in the face of the tower or the castle to COLLECT ALL RESOURCES could be useful also as scheduler and collector manager.

Let me explain.

*** CLOCK ***

The clock works showing the player’s timezone hour correctly.

The clock offer a pop-up only when one resource is ready or simply it changes colour from white to yellow and possibly orange when all the resources got into completion fullfil state.


The clock when white offer a menu as scheduler, like this proposed below with this legend on the first row of the menu as it would be an excel table

[C]lock, [T]ime, [H]eroes, [Food], [I]Ron, [E]nergies(3), [B]uildings

23:03, +4m, 0, +1k, +2k, +1 0 0, 0
23:15, +16m, +1, +16k, 30k, +2 0 0, 0

8:05, +9h2m, +5, +123k, 523k, +25 +4 +3, +1

The player could set a alarm at one of these times to get back to the game, collect resources and continue to play.


Several paying option could be implemented:

• simpler clock version for free and an upgrade for gems

in the upgrade or paying version these extra features would be working

  1. set an alarm
  2. like 1. and rise a notification
  3. like 2. and notification open the game and show the clock which collected everything

On the scheduler could be offered for paying each use:

  1. set the alarm (e.g. 1 gem)
  2. set the collector (e.g. 2 gem)
  3. jump at that time (%saving)

The option 3. would not add all the gems required by each resources to be completed but just an overall warp time fee which will be less than the sum of all. So, the showing the % of saving will add value to the upgraded version of the clock: pay once, get often a small discount.

Maybe this button may be a feature of the vip pass

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