Collect ALL button for Farms, Mines and Watchtower

I’ve played some games where a special button could be purchased or earned where you could collect everything produced by farms, mines , etc by selecting the button. This is more of a convenience button, but it is nice to have. I am suggesting the option be replicated here for this game.


Я тоже хочу одну кнопку для лагерей, а то если много, то сидишь и щелкаешь.

I also want one button for the camps, but if there is a lot, then you sit and click.
–Google translate by Kerridoc

A clock into the watch tower as collect all button

I like the idea of a collect all button, but I do not want one that collects heroes developed from TC. I would want that to be separate. When saving up for a speed leveling TC can be purposefully left uncollected for 3 weeks or more .

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Otto, good observation!

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