Collect 800M food from farms for 30 gems

I’ve been looking at that mission for months but it never really occurred to me just how long that would take. With all L20 farms the answer is 695 days. Come on SGG! That’s absurd.


I always thought somebody refused to admit there was a mistake.

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Saw this a few weeks back, figured just under 2 years before I can rake in that bitchin’ reward!

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I’ve said this many times; SG doesn’t know the value of gems.

For a mission like that I expect 1000 gems ATLEAST considering what they can actually get you


Considering that not many people probably reach so long time in game… Yes, they may shot some huge gems reward for incentivate it.
Bof, i don’t know, sometimes they treat gems as they have to give real money.

C’mon guys, even if you give us 300 or 1000 for something like that, it probably result in 3x 3* star heroes.

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Think the amount is way to high in any case. Just to increase the amount again and again is not really feasable at a certain point :tired_face:

Yeah … it’s totally ridiculous. Just imagine how long you had to collect food (if the mission could be repeated) just to change your name once. You don’t have to be good in math to see that this is disproportionate.

I have 60/80 m :wink: but 30 only diamonts… its bad joke;)

It’s 800M for 30 gems, not 80M … that’s a huge difference.

Aaaa. I have 60/80 - 10 diamonts.
Next mission will be 800. Loool

I think game developers make such achievements/mission on purpose.

They are probably not meant for “normal” gamers who like things with reasonable reward/effort ratios. They are specifically tailored towards OCD gamers, for whom the mere thrill of indeed finishing that one final loooooooong mission is all totally worth it.

So yeah, this is the devs throwing OCD gamers a bone. :wink:


There is no skill collecting food from farms, nothing you can do to speed it up

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