Collect 20000 food from farms [PoV]

Game version: 26.0.3 build 705
Using latest iOS

The new daily missions for PoV just spawned and as you can see in the screenshots the collect food is almost completed
Lat time I collected the food was at around 20 minutes before PoV new daily started (am sure of that as i have a 20 minute phone call and as soon as i closed i opened the game)

Am not complaining or anything, but a bug is a bug :rofl:

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Cuales son los enemigos elites

Maybe you collected from watchtower? Couse that counted for me as well

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Province 5 stage 5

Honestly i cant remember if i did collect the tower or no, but i can collect again in 35 minutes, so i collected it the same time as i checked for the daily missions so i guess you are right :stuck_out_tongue: thank you

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