Collateral Damage wants to recruit you :)

Looking for awesome people to join our Collateral Damage family. We hit 9 and 10* Titans, are active in AW and are wanting to move up the ranks with you as part of our team. If you have Line you can reach me by my ID: DIFSGIRL.

Suggested requirements are:

1800+Trophy :trophy:
20+ Level
3000+ Team Power

I know what you did!!!
:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:… your profile pic is from D. R.

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Yessss :wink:I love that game. I’m guessing you play?

Not at the moment… the last update… well, lets say I am mad with the game :smile: But I love it too, and will keep playing it for sure.
The assassin is my main character :grin:

She’s mine too. When you get back on add me as a friend. I’m Difsgirl on there too.

Love her moves and skills…just awesome!
Ok, I will add you…but it may take some time. Still mad! :unamused: :smile:

I understand. These games can fire you up sometimes.

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