Colen's DOT – why does an enemy's Colen do more damage than my maxed Colen?

My Colen max level deals 65 dot to the enemy but the enemy Colen deals 75 to me!

The amount of damage done by DoT is affected by base attack stat, and that can be increased by both the automatic boost defense teams get, and by troops.

Upgrades to the attack stat via the Talent Grid will also increase the DoT amount.

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If that was the case Wu Kong would make it deal million per turn and enemy troops are lower than mine. It is like that even before the update that added talents.

It’s not a bug, and this is one of many topics with the same question. The DoT of Colen, Marjana, Kelile, Azlar etc are based on atk power. The game just fails to properly inform players about this mechanic.

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It’s not affected by attack buffs, only by attack base stats.

As Wu in an attack buffer, he doesn’t affect DoT.

Defense teams get an automatic 20% boost to attack and defense. So the same hero level and troops on Defense will always have higher stats than on Offense.

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He said BASE attack stat. Wu buff is not base

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Interesting. I was never informed that there is a boost there. And more interesting is that Kelile deal 75 dot on defense enemies and she has less base and dot damage than Colen

I think one of the earliest observations of this was noted in this thread from December 2017: Defense damage bonus - 1.9 anyway

It also comes up often when talking about defense teams and DoT dealers. Here’s an example of this coming up elsewhere:

And some other similar spots, amongst many:

This is backwards — Kelile’s DoT is higher than Colen’s.

Kelile at max on offense is 360 damage over 6 turns, or 60 per turn.

Colen at max on offense is 330 damage over 6 turns, or 55 per turn.

Since you’re seeing 60 per turn for your Colen, presumably you have a troop with roughly a 9% attack boost.


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