Colen + Talents or Elena


Colen und Elena are both Fighters. I am wondering witch one is worth leveling. I have almkst every 4* fully leveled, but I have not started to level up my 5*.

I have Elena, Joon, Lianna, Okakan, Domitia, Quintus,

Colen + Talents would be have the same stats as Elena. But what ability is better?


Colen with talent more better elena defense is like cartoon

Colen plus talents plus falcon = goodnight nurse

I have full Falcon and a nearly full Colen.

My attack team is

Boldtusk, Grimm, Chao, Little John, Quintus

All fully levelled bar Quintus who is maxed on 3rd Ascention.

Should I max Colen and change my team? He’s only around 3 levels from full ascention

I’m voting for Elena, Colen with emblems will be like Azlar.

Elena can be very good offensive tank, if you will build her defence in emblem tree she chamge into monster.

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Nice team

I think for attacking raids Falcon plus Colen might be nice against green tanks. Add BT and that would be terrifying for green defenders

You can pick an epic over a legendary only if you compete for epic events, don’t have materials for max upgrade a 5* or really don’t like that legendary hero.

In all other situations i would go for talent upgrade the stronger (in thi case Elena) as Colen can transform in a really dangerous 5*, but Elena still more dangerous then him.

i would keep for BT , he deserve it

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