Colen talent grid

Hello, could anyone tell me about talent grid for Colen? Currently, I do not have a hero of 5 * so I found that he would improve his?

Are you looking for advice on which path to take for Colen, or did you just want a screenshot of the grid itself before maxing him?

He is Fighter , i prefer do Atk+Def for him , but if you want him to be more tank then do Defense+Health as priority

I am looking for advice on which to choose for him.

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I want to defend him, but not a tank. He has the potential to attack

As @arios said, it depends a bit on what you want to use Colen for.

But in general, my recommendation (and what I’ve been doing myself) is emphasizing existing strengths.

For Colen, he already has a fairly high attack stat, and the amount of his fire damage over time is based on his attack stat — so he benefits quite a lot from even further increasing his attack as a first priority.

For a second priority, I’d choose to increase his defense, as it’s quite low, and can be improved a bit along the way even while prioritizing attack.

So my personal recommendation would be Attack+Defense.


And you could send me a screenshot of the talent grid, as you have improved Colen, I will be grateful.

I haven’t given emblems to Colen, as I chose Boldtusk for my Fighter emblems, but this is the path I’d start on for him if it were me:


Thank you very much for help and you can write to me about these points in these new invasions. Where did so many people from Top come from? I have 10 raids done all the wins. I even attacked these weaker players with 2 * heroes, it did not change anything in the scoring?

You’re welcome!

For those questions, please join the discussion in these threads:

Just go through this for another day or 2.

The raids will just get tougher. :wink:

On what talent path would you release your symbols for Boldtusk? Would I ask for a screen shot?

Have I made a good choice?

Here’s my Colen and talent grid…

survival & buffing heroes

damaging heroes

so you did well as you went into the DEF path.

Sorry, I do not understand your answer.

Here’s my Boldtusk:

I’m prioritizing Defense first, and Health second.

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I use % healing heroes a lot so I chose the health side when faced with the choice for Colen