Colen inconsistencies in writeups

A I have a 2.38 Colen with special skill level 7/8 whom I obtained before the changes in patch 1.8. However, his description claims to deal 210 burn damage when I view him on the hero roster, but 240 damage while I am fighting with him (images below). Additionally, these numbers don’t seem to align with the 330 damage at special skill level 8/8 as shown in the hero summon page. I’m not sure if this is a bug regarding how much damage he deals, or just an improper update in his card text. Thanks!

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Hmmm the 330 burn damage in epic summon page has to be an error as he is not that powerful. @Petri spg should correcr this display error .
My Colen isn’t levelled at all so I’m not sure what his burn should be.

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I assume 210 was his original and 240 was his increase in 1.8


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I nust faced one in a raid that said 306 burn damage

I was wrong here. 330 is his burn damage, i was surprised at how big it was
Hes5really not that far off of Azlar

Marjana in hero line up says she does 300 burn, but in battle I think it says 354. @Petri can devs look at tbis and get correct number on cards?

Yes, my point is that after this change the cards do not show the actual burn damage dealt.

Which is an excellent point. I’m sure SG staff is reading, but I’ll pass it up, just in case.

Update: as I’ve leveled and ascended him I see that the burn damage increases further, so I’m pretty sure the damage dealt is correct, just the cards show it wrong. Thanks!

Actually wait, I just raided against him and it appears that the damage he deals is inflated and the cards should be correct.

Cards are incorrect in your own hero listing but correct in summon window

Thank you for the report! We’ll investigate this here.


I confirm that Colen has inconsistencies in every page.
So in epic hero summon should deal 330 damage over 6 turns.
In my hero roster shows 258. In battle does effectively 306 (51 per turn).
When I find him in raids this damage can be any other number. As I cannot attach more than two screenshots I’m attaching the card from hero roster and from a battle.



Your hero shows differently because the amount of damage over time scales up with hero level in addition to X/8 special. When your hero reaches tier 4 level 70 (max), you’ll see the 330 damage on the card.

As for actual - DOT is affected by troops attack % increase. You need to factor that in as well.

Exactly - he won’t hit 330 until he is fully leveled I think (4/70)

Your statements are not correct. Special skills are separate from the level of the hero. For instance if your hero counterattacks 115% of the damage received when special skill is maxed, this will always be 115%. If hero is not levelled up completely will never be 108%, 112%, etc. It will always be 115%. Same for all other special skills like defense reduction, attack reduction, etc.

It’s true that specials are separate from level, but they depend on the stats of the hero. For some reason Damage Over Time effects are described with an absolute value on the hero card, but like the x% damage of a direct attack listed on the card, the DoT value is actually calculated from the hero’s current attack stats. I have no clue why the two damage types are displayed differently, but the behind the scenes calculations are similarly done.
Hence the DoT effects listed on a hero card will not match what the leveled version in the summon gate shows until the hero stats match those on the leveled card, which means said hero is fully to 4/70 or 4/80.

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