Colen broken? Hits well over his card stat

I posted a question about azlar not hitting to his cards potential.
And I’ve noticed Colen seems to hit well above his cards potential.

I’ve been watching for awhile. And most recently I grabbed this info. After a battle

This colen was 3rd tier lvl 60
and 7/8 for his special
Which puts it at 264 over 6 turns.

He also equipped a 3 star lvl 8 firecaller battle mage which give sit 13% bonus damage.

His colen was front and center so mana maxed first.
His residual damage hit for 59 x 6
even calculating 13% bonus of the lvl 8 firecaller it should only hit for 49

59x 6 is 354 which is almost azlar at max.

My azlar is 3rd tier lvl 41
8/8 282 damage over 6 turns but hits for 51 per turn.
but has a 9% damag bonus and hits for 306 over 6

Am I crazy??? I brought this up to my squad and those that have him say he’s strong as !@#$ and hits over his card stat.

defense team gets a ~20% damage bonus. Don’t forget about that.


Exactly like Dante said.

If you are the one attacking, your foes will deal more damage, so you may think its above the card stats.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…now that makes sense!


Wha? I didn’t know that either. That clears up so many things I had raised an eyebrow about when playing. Thanks for the info Dante.

I believe it’s both the regular slash attacks and damage from specials.

I don’t know how to test slash attacks.

The 20% number came from Natalya testing on beta, we could see that the special was ticking 20% higher on defense than it was on offense. DOT damage being true damage we could do that.


You up for a little beta experiment later Dante?

If we have the same hero and the same lowbie troop, 1 v 1 raids and maybe we can tease it out a little further?

sure, later tonight after I put the wife and kids to bed. I’m usually up for these sorts of endeavors.

I particularly noticed with specials. Several times I’ve thought “I swore I just removed their damage buff” and was second guessing my swag math. Turns out I was just oblivious to and not taking into account the inherent and permanent damage buff. Once again, thanks, that’s great info. Plus, it means I’m not just either playing oblivious or losing my mind.

You gotta be kidding me…This is the first I hear about it. Like many others, that clears up many of my battles…So, is this just general forum knowledge or ?

Dante knows his stuff. :wink:

Right on; sadly we’re waiting for the new beta client to be pushed, but we’ll figure out some time where we can do some experimentation to see if strike damage behaves the same and maybe we can figure out slash vs. tile damage too. That’d be interesting for sure.

Probably not or at least certainly that it wasn’t 20%; it was done in Line and I think I documented in a thread on the forums but the odds that most people have read it if I did aren’t very high honestly.

Sometimes it just takes a bit for information to disseminate.

Edit: yeah I did document it, and given it’s nature and the low number of Like’s I suspect most people didn’t read it haha.


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