Coleader/ no kick button for elders

As in the subject, the moment someone becomes an elder, I can’t kick nor promote them. Only demote.
I can kick or promote a member.

Once you demote them you could also kick them.
Are you the leader or co-leader to promote them?

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Coleader. You are right about the promotion part, however before you could kick an elder out directly, without having to demote them.
That button is gone.

Just demote and kick in two clicks if you need to. One of ours went recently

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I believe there is a bug atm, it’s been logged/discussed elsewhere

It seems to be a bug but frankly, I’m relived to not have the responsibility to have to decide to kick anyone for awhile :hugs:

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hmmm. Seems the same bug like this

but according to SM the Problem is fixed with new update…


Can you check this?


There shouldn’t be a bug, you need to first demote elders before you are able to kick them. Hope this helps to clarify it! :slight_smile:

Thanks Petri.
I remember being able to kick elders directly.