Cold storage (option to store unused 5* 1.1 heroes and temporarily store challenge event 3* 3.50 heroes)[Suggestion]

Cold Storage

Each Cold storage holds fifteen heroes ( 3x 5 hero team ).

Heroes in storage can not be leveled, or used, but do not count for roster space. Heroes in storage do not show up on the hero roster. like Niantic’s Key lockers hold keys that cannot be used but do not show up in inventory or count against inventory. ( Edit: this might not work for Empires. Maybe a slider "Show storage heroes " / "Hide storage heroes " for hero roster pages ).

Cold Storage has a rarity. Rare can hold 3* or lower. Epic can hold 4* or lower. Legendary can hold 5* or lower.

Each rarity has a maximum of five cold storage.

If you bought all five Rare cold storage, you could hold 75x 3* heroes in storage.

Each rarity is more expensive than the lower rarity.

Fifth Epic Cold Storage might cost X gems while First Legendary Cold Storage might cost 3* X gems.

Each additional cold storage increases rapidly.

First Epic Cold Storage might cost Y gems, but second costs 3* Y gems.

Useful for:
Removing heroes from the level up screen, class quest selection screen, war selection screen.

future trade heroes ( looking at you Wu Kong )

duplicates ( looking at you Anzogh)

Organizing future teams to level ( looking at you rainbow 5* 2.60 team)

Storing fully leveled 3*, or lower, heroes.

They could just give us extra room for heroes and add more sorting options i think it would be much better and easier to do
I would love the option to sort by power (ignoring the teams selected like in classes)
Sort by rarity (how many stars like troops)
Sort by attack, defense, HP
Multiple sorting to chose from at same time (by element and attack for example)
And so on
This will make things much easier
Even if they could add an option to hide duplicate heroes would be somehow useful


I like the “cold storage” idea as I have many heroes and dupes that I know I’m not working on for quite some time yet. It would help clear up the mess of heroes I have now. Excellent idea

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As a player, I agree.

But Devs need to monetize it. Or at least have an OPTION to monetize it. Just like applying for a small business loan, improvements to the game have to have a plan to generate revenue. We did not get the improved skill roll for maximum tier, maximum level heroes stuck at 5/8 special skill, until emblems added a way to monetize it.

I am currently at +5 active hero storage costing 350 gems but many of my teammates have not bought active storage at all.

Niantic added their version of cold storage after many people had 50%+ of their inventory the equivalent of 3* 3.50 heroes and 5* 1.1 heroes.

Cold storage is a compromise from just increasing active storage. Because of its disadvantages it is more suitable for 3* 3.50 ( used for Challenge events, Rare Tourneys, etc.) and 5* 1.1 heroes ( I have not trashed my 5* 1.1 Thorne because of Thorne 's rarity ). But because of its disadvantages it would be less expensive for the player than active storage, at least initially.

The idea is to price cold storage and active storage so buying Rare cold storage is very attractive, but buying your fifth Legendary cold storage is only attractive after significantly increasing your active storage.

4* heroes are the backbone of Empires, but 5* heroes pay for the rest of the game.


I’m hoping for 5 tabs automatically distributing new heroes by rarity and all bought teams and slots should be available in each tab.

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This has been suggestion a number of times.
To have a tab for each 4 types bring rate, epic and ledgendary and then one for feeders.

When you tap on a hero to be fed it pops up at the top of the feeders page.

The team boxes could be seperate to the tab pages as they are now so that you can scroll the teams across no matter what heros page your on.

But as SG expects us to keep doing summons and that numver increases as thus game evolves then it’s only normal SG expands the storage amounts and makes them easier to use.

It gets annoying when you have to keep scrolling down 200 heros or more plus feeders when the heros your feeding are at the top and the feeders at the bottom.

Your constantly scrolling up and down.

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