CoK harder?

Are alliances having trouble unlocking legendary challenge? We never had any issues opening up the last board. But this time we are sitting at 8M with little hope of hitting 10M. Are other alliances having issues or is it just us???

We had difficulties, but we made it. Last time we had difficulties, but we made it.


I’ve gotten the same score within 10% on all three iterations. I’d say the difficulty seems pretty status quo to me.


Didn’t find difficulty more or less… but, same as earlier.

Unlocking of Epic & Legendaries happened on Day-1 for my alliance as we all 30 chipped in with whatever we could play and get the break-in points !

Though, I did drop my plan to reach 2.1 million and chose to stay at 1.95 million.

  • Found boards to be contrary colour to my mono teams for all difficulties… especially in Epic & Legendary.
  • Tried 30+ runs and decided to drop it, as the rewards from a tier higher… were not enticing !
  • NOT hinting a any conspiracy, it was just my play scenario & boards on that day… which helped me decide and enjoy the weekend outside the game.

At the moment we, as an alliance, have around 3 Mio more points than last time and it’s not even finished.

I personally have around 150k points less, but not because it’s harder, but mostly because I think being in a higher single player tier is not really rewarding for the time and items needed and we don’t need more points as an alliance, our target seems pretty secure.

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Guess is just us, we will need to hit the gym to get stronger lol

I have a very difficult time looking at the thread’s title and not snickering like a 3rd grader.