Coins, tokens and draws

Reading through its everyones hope to get more and better draws. I posted an idea in a thread and it disappeared- so reposting in the right bit👍

Buying a modifier to your roll. For the cost of one draw you can get a 5% buff, it can stack up to 5 times. By not drawing and instead saving buffs +25% roll is desirable. Your 2% chance at a legendary becomes 27%! These buffs are only available from in game tokens/coins and are only good for one roll. It should help to get event heros but there is a trade off. To roll or not to roll :grin:

Getting coins - increase the flow a little,to support the new mechanism. Once a month a defend the realm event pops up. This randomly opens one/two province and you can get coins. The province is set at the hardest level you have completed and the more complete the season the more realms can be defended. It’s a 50ish coin boost for endgame. On season one it might be 100k food.

It gives a bit to unloved levels. Gives players an out on crap rolls (they still might be) as they can regret not saving/saving too many. It also helps to make some of the more desirable heros a little more attainable from persistent play of the existing content. I honestly feel that 5 months of persistent grind getting a good roll at a hero would help. Not enough to stop buying ten rolls but if they crap out you can wait six months and be happier. Or if you have cursed luck wait a year😅

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