Coins of your choice 🪙

I would love it, if we could actively choose which type of summoning coins we receive from various gameplay; Atlantis, Valhalla, Underwild or Dunes Coins.


Now that Season 5 arrived, the Dunes Coins functions as rewards across the board, Path of Valor, Chests, and the likes.

But what if we could choose?

Somewhere, in our base, we could select whether we want the Coins from S2, S3, S4 or S5, depending on which heroes we were after.

It wouldn´t hurt anyone, it wouldn´t hurt revenue, because it wouldn´t give us more coins - all it would do is make us able to personally target the Season we wanted - and by that, makes us feel we have a little influence in the game; something we all strive and wish for.

Not against the thought. Far better than trying to get the coins again from the once a month offers during their respective events or hoping you get a good goblin chest on the FIRST spot and get x10 for USD $1.99.

Would even replay S1 if they just gave it a unique enemy that dropped any of those coins with NO cap, just moderate rarity.

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They think it would hurt their revenue. The game is designed for players to go after the chase hero by purchasing mountain ranges of gems. If it was easier to get “free” coins to do that then some may not be making those gem purchases.
With the ever declining number of players they may be even more sensitive to giving things away. I’m agreeing with you that this should be an option but don’t believe it will be.

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This is the best idea I’ve seen in the forum so far.

I already had a conversation about this… why not to pick coins like we pick options from the Goblin Balloon?

You got my vote


Hm… :thinking:
I took a different direction with the currency issue if anyone thinks it’s an issue:

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Though there have actually been more free gifts recently (one-star trainers in the XP offer, a handful of emblems in the golden emblem offer…).

I don’t think the choice would hurt revenue at all. Most people aren’t going to get enough coins in a month for more than 1-2 pulls through free coins anyway [I’ve got 91 dune coins right now, and some of those were from levels]. Why not be able to choose where to use them?

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I want it, damn i play 3.5+ years can’t summon proteus or wilbur. Make me suffer enough on competing challenge event.

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I got Wilbur… But never a proteus. I got a ton of agwes though…

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