Coins in elemental chests

I don’t know, if there is a problem, but for me it seems that there is something not as it used to be with the elemental chests.

The last four times I only got “normal” coins … and not only me but also the others from my alliance. Meanwhile this seems quite strange. Yes, I know about statistics and probabilities and that you just can have bad luck - but as I already wrote it’s not just me.

So I would like to know, if there was changed something with the chances to get a special coin from an elemental chest. Or is there anything known about the general chance to get a least one special coin from one of those chests?

I haven’t received an elemental chest over the holidays, but I did get two epic troop coins in a row in Mystic Vision (which is very unusual for me).

Personally I believe that RNG is always in play, but also that “better luck” cycles through the various ways to get those coins:

  • Titan drops
  • Wanted chests
  • Rare Elemental chests
  • Rare Quests
  • Mystic Vision

This has been my experience; others might have different experiences. :wink:

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My last 4 Elemental Chests resulted in one Epic Token. I think everyone expects them and end up being disappointed, as they are not common even in the Elemental Chest. But just like Rook I found my luck elsewhere and got an Epic Token from Mystic Vision on Christmas Eve.


I know that they are not common, but I have the feeling that something changed, because it’s not only me who experiences significant worse chances for coins, but the whole alliance (if it was only me, I would believe in bad luck … but this is no bad luck anymore). That why I ask, if there was changed anything.

My elemental chests also seem to have less valuable items (less ascension mats, too). But then my titan loot also has less ascension mats and less alliance flasks. Both started about a month ago.

So, from my experience only, I think they changed something in 1.9 or I had some “beginner’s luck”.

Edit: actually, I found a screenshot of a good elemental chest from December 2. But two days ago I got a bad one.


I just got one from fire chest

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I had two chests over the break - 5 silver tokens and one epic hero token. 30 gems with the epic hero and 50 with the 3 silver ones. If that matters.

Don’t know what’s wrong … those who got three silver coins last times keep getting them … the others got also golden ones… Well, I better don’t write what I think about that, as we can never proof anything.

Got 3 silver from an icy chest yesterday, but an epic troop and hero from the nature before.
Also try to skip raid chest for a while instead of monster chest, but it don’t change anything in quantity or quality.

When I first started playing the game they were usually gold tokens in elemental chests now it’s usually only silver. The summons were different as well it used to be easier to get better heroes but they have tweaked it since June of last year when I started playing

They definitely nerfed the elemental chests a few updates ago.

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