Coins (Event, Valhalla, Atlantis) don’t fulfil their purpose

So far I didn’t pull any event hero from event coins. Same for Valhalla, and as far as I remember I got one AR 4* and some AR 3* heroe from Atlantis coins.
Does anybody know the odds of event coins to get an event hero?
I think it would be more joyable, when we get event heroes for event coins, Valhalla heroes for Valhalla coins, etc. If SG thinks that this idea destroys their business plan, then reduce the amount of coins we can get.

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The odds are the same regardless of how you pull. And here they are


Need help with being able to do this I’m new to all of this part of the game help

Where do you need help?

Same goes for gems and should increase the odds of heroes we can get with gems too and if that messes up their business plan then they should just reduce the amount of gems we’re allowed to purchase

Thanks, I thought it might be these.
So far coins are less significant for me. That’s sad, because SG puts work in something which is more or less useless.

Nothin is guaranteed in the summons portal other than a minimum rarity per portal

Fwiw players have recieved good heroes from coins

I know i pulled athena with atlantis coins, @JonahTheBard pulled tyr with valhalla coins, sure it’s rare but does happen

Gems, coins, whatever ya use, the odds are slim, keep expectations low and work with what you have until a surprise drops in your lap


But limiting the amount of gems you can buy destroys their Business Plan. Their plan is that you buy and buy and buy gems to pull the heroes you want. So we have to live with that.
But when I collect coins in stages or buy them there should be 100% or even a very high percentage to get an event hero, even if it is 95% 3*, 3,5% 4* and 1,5% a 5*.

Which would also decrease the amount of gems we buy and more players would already have the heroes they want which would decrease their regular spending and/or grinding and ultimately lead to more boredom or more frustration from mat woes

Summons are a blessing and a curse

They work well for balancing things out and keep the majority of players from just outright buying everything and being bored with the game without more to look forward to for months or even up to another year

They do lead to frustration and disappointment but that typically stems from poor spending habits, unrealistic expectations, and “must have it now” attitudes

Every hero comes back around

Manage resources wisely and try to stash for portals you have the least amount of heroes from that have the most heroes you want so that your odds of disappointment are slightly less(but no matter what the odds of disappointment will always be higher than the odds of “omg omg omg i got heroX!”)


Agreed with Rigs if coin give more percentage to draw, it will be discouraged to buy a gem, why buy something that have low % to pull good heroes with real money
But I would like if both gem and coin have more % to pull good heroes like what you purpose, :smile:

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