Coins are a bust

So I saved 15 daily summons tokens just for kicks to see what I would get. Well, I used them all at one time today and I got almost ALL 1* results, with the exception of a 2* archer fighters. So I read all these things about how the odds are fair and such to get better and different things! It certainly doesn’t seem that way. What a joke!

What do you expect?

Something else…. Same as your comment!

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Drop rate odds can be a pain in the wazoo.

I personally collect everytime 20 grey tokens before using them (for no particular reason) and if i had the same luck with the gold ones it will be great.

Almost everytime a 3* hero or 3* troop.

It wasn’t my intention to be rude. But anyway, this is a pretty normal result for common coins. You expect anything much different?

Here are the odds. There’s really no reason to hold daily summons tokens or epic troop tokens. Doing them as a block doesn’t change the odds of getting anything good.


I saved up to 100 tokens
And got
12 3☆ heros
6 3☆ troops
Rest were feeders.
That is what the free silver tokens for. It gets you free feeders.
And its awesome. Also keeping the tokens aint effect the odds. 1 like 100 no changes.


You did really well and beat the odds by quite a bit.

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Right… Where exactly did you read that…? Seriously? :joy:

But (more) seriously. Even if odds in themselves - and they’re actually published as of late - really can’t be said to be fair or unfair, they certainly are not in your favor. You might wanna remember this before spending money on this game. :sweat:

First I didn’t spend any money, if you read again I said daily tokens (free), and the odds that I mentioned reading mostly came from this forum. The odds are also on the summon screen, but the point I was making is that it really is just chance and there seems to be no real odds. I see many posts on here about how the odds are fair and such, however my second point which is my opinion, is that I disagree. Feel free to disagree with my opinion, but like this post, it means nothing!

The odds are the same every draw, they never change. There is a group of people here that will argue that the odds get better the more attempts that you make, alas that is a mere facade.

Tyler, you’re wrong. Quit digging yourself deeper. You’re mistaking the chance of getting a HotM on one draw with the chance of getting at least one in 10 draws. While the chance on any single pull doesn’t change, the cumulative chance over time does.

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I know you didn’t spend any money - I only meant: don’t forget this experience if you eventually think of spending any money. And to be clear: I’m not disagreeing with you regarding the very low chances getting something ‘useful’.

Regarding the odds - and technically it’s chance (the percentual probability) we’re talking about here and not odds (as in ‘one in ten’) but that really doesn’t make any difference to this discussion - what did you seriously expect? Your chance - be it represented by percentage or odds - is only a chance. Like in any form of gambling. You can do 100 summonings and get something good, or 100 summonings and only get crap. It’s only chance = luck.

And my first comment/question wasn’t a joke - I seriously wonder what you read to think anybody meant the summoning was fair. I think most players/people agree on the odds being outright ■■■■■■, in a general sence.

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As you are so keen on telling people to stop spreading misleading information - will you please stop spreading misleading infirmation.

There is no group of people here arguing the odds of a draw/pull/summon/coin flip/dice roll change (read increases) the more attempts you make.

The only thing changing is the probability of getting ‘lucky’ if you make more attempts. Such a probability, which is only a probability and not a guarantee, can be mathematically described. It’s still only a chance.

It’s like this, and let’s use the daily summon as an example: the only way to get more than one 3* hero is to do more than one summon.

What’s changing when making multiple attempts is in a sense only the possibility of it being able to happen.

You really don’t have to further that that. But - this basic fact can in turn be used as grounds for mathematically finding the probability, which is again only a chance, of this happening. This probability doesn’t represent a change of the basic odds of the individual attempt.

Now, there’s a group of people here, not really being a group because pretty much being one person, that will argue that a group of people here argue that the probability relating to multiple attempts represent a change of the basic probability of the individual attempt. Which is not the case - neither it being such a relation or anybody arguing there is such a relation.

This of course makes for a very strange debate.

Also, english is not my native language, if the wording and expressions in this definitionally sensitive subject seems odd at times. Sorry for that.


Let’s please NOT restart this discussion about statistical probabilities. Twice was once more than enough.

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Well, it is a thread specifically related to statistical probabilities. But I understand what you mean. I also think we need a better way of dealing with these kind of sources of misinformation than just letting it pass.

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