Coins and Individual Summons

Why must I use coins first vs gems for individual pulls during events? Is there an option to use gems instead of coins first?

No, there isn’t

No idea. Simplicity?

But what if I decide I want to hoard my coins? Just for the simple fact maybe I am a spender on some events but not others?

Personally, I’m not fussed either way.

I guess the Devs might say, how does it impede you in any way?

If you have 300 gems and 10 coins, how does spending the coins first affect you? You still have your gems to spend anywhere else.

If you paid with your gems, you could only pay coins at the next event…so what’s the benefit?


The benefit being coins are a lot harder/grindery to collect whereas with gems say I want to summon 5 heroes that takes 1500 gems. Maybe I want to spend gems but save coins because I know something better is coming along next month as were I can buy the 1500 gems now and save my coins for the next event.

I know it seems minimal but having the option to use single buys with gems would be nice even if I have coins. I’d like to be able to do 1-2 pulls without having to waste coins and potential WE flaskes to recoup them when I was hoping for another even to come along.

I do not understand… it is the same.
So, let we take a simple example.
We have 10 coins and 300 gems.
We want to save 1pull for next month, and one pull for this month.
So I will use 300 gems 1st 1pull for this month, then next month I will use 10coins for 1pull.

What is the different?

Do get what your saying if you want to save coins for pirates or other events. But rather spend gems should be a choice! As the deals on the last event have both buy gems and the coins. If people rather save coins should be option.

I’d say it’s if you only want to a few pulls and don’t mind spending gems for a event and rather save coins for a event that a hero you want!

Okay I understand now… so we actually want not spending gems by accident, instead save coins and gems for a few pull. :+1:

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