Coffee Haus has room for one! 2200+ actives welcome

Not super chatty, but seriously effective.

If you are 2200+ and appreciate a chill atmosphere of active players who don’t need to nag anyone to hit the titan or use their flags then you are going to be happy to have found us.

If you like the idea of being among skilled players who prefer to focus on keeping it fun, do check us out soon.

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Bumping thread

We are a friendly group and our chat is always positive. We require all war flags be used when opting in, but getting all flags used isn’t really a problem with members who enjoy playing the game.

Bumping thread

We have downed 11 titans in the first 13 days of POV. There hasn’t been a POV cycle yet that we’ve failed to down all required titans. If a casual, yet effective alliance of experienced team players sounds good to you, then check us out!

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