Coed killers

hi E & P players im co captain of co-ed killers we have members that have been playing from the start .i have been playing for about 2 years we have a awesome support group that help each other out, we don’t agrue we help each other grow come find out what team work will do when you unite with us. We have all levels in are group. We also have some top tear players that have 70+ five star heros maxed out like me. There’s certain things in this game that will help you advance that we can teach you come join the crew & grow with us! Im currently level 77.and a full on gamer to league of legends to Mario karts.

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Just a thought, you might want to add what level titans you’re hitting :thinking:.

GL with recruitment.


Level 9 ! We got a bunch of awesome peeps ty

we need help in the crew of people we have players on here that need some help and we have true gamers on co-Ed killers that are die hards like me that make sure the titan is down and people are aware of up coming events

Hi, We are looking for a potential merger with an Active Alliance that has a close-knit group of 10-15 members like us.

We are an active, easy-going bunch and we want an active bunch like us to join our Alliance and have fun owning Titans & Wars together.

We have 2 very simple & easy rules.

  1. Hit the Titan if you’re online
  2. If you Opt-in the War, make sure to use all your flags. If inactive for a while, no worries … you can opt-out and come back in once active again.

We don’t use Line, Whatsapp, etc. We communicate regularly in the Alliance chat and have fun! Looking forward to your reply

I’m coed-killers co captain we have that many active players i communicate on the board in the game with a few others and about 10 of us use line chat to chat about E & P subjects plus send videos and pictures ect. I’m the most serious player on there i’m @ level 77 and have 80 5*s hero’s i watch all you tube videos and farm 24/7.come join us we will grow strong no trophies required will take down almost every titan that comes up, up to 14 star. 8 of these members on my team are on my billiards pool team so they are deadicated die hard gamers that live for gaming not just average players that play the game

I’m sticking with my team i joined 2 years ago but man let me tell you i’m a die hard gamer and being retired at 44, i can spend money and time on here that other people can not so i’m Looking to have a few more friends to chat with on the team and help each other out playing the game i would like to share all my my gaming tactics that i have learned from you tube and forums and gaming, there’s stuff on here that can make your buck spread a long way that small giant don’t tell you about i am at level 77 with 80 5*s about 50 maxed and 30 fully maxed with emblems please come join us bring your crew if you are a small team we have 9 spots open please join or merge your team no trophey requirements just use your titan flags and hit in war or opt! out we are up to 14 star titans as well if you have any questions HMU bloodzgonaflow from Co-Ed killers

It all sounds good
But I was lost with the name of the alliance?

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I think the alliance is…


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I copied and pasted that (Co-Ed killers) to do an alliance search. But I couldn’t find anything …

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Oh… That is indeed a mystery :thinking:

If you find it let me know.
I must be getting too old for this game lol

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Found them…

Just had to solve this mystery.


unfortunately we only have 9 spots open.

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BTW @Bloodzgonnafolw, you can only have one recruitment thread per alliance…

A merge is inevitable.

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Recruiting spots on co-Ed killers need at least 2000 trophies and miss titan 3 times is a boot. Come join are alliance help make us stronger & let us help you grow stronger to pull more troops and 5*s heros plus we have been mercing teams to get more items!

did you find a team?

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Yes found a team. If it doesn’t work out I will come and knock at the door

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we have spots open come over and kill with us then chill with this cool crew :sunglasses:

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