Coco Jamboo is looking for alliances to merge with or powerful players to join us

Hi everyone

We are “Coco Jamboo” looking for an alliance to merge with or powerful players (level 48+)

  • first, we don’t move because we are not that much organised :slight_smile:
  • there is no any drama this game is just for fun
  • If you are stronger than us then we can change our alliance name
  • we have very active players
  • we use all flags (titan, war)

So If you are playing just for fun you are always welcome to join us.

Thank you everybody

Hi, I am Poh for Wadsquad

Interest to merge with our alliance?

We are killing 9/10* titans, more than half of our members are above TP4000

I checked your alliance and I think our alliance can take all your members.

We are relax and fun alliance,
i) Three hits on titans
ii) Spend all flags if you join war

Real life comes first,

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