Cobalt Vs Spirit Link

Curious how Cobalt should be working vs damage share and if he’s working properly or not … I figured he’d just, you know… bypass it like it wasn’t there, but the numbers proc as if it isn’t being bypassed and in one instance it seemed to effect the total damage output (on vivica… why would she take such little damage in the photo below)… any clarification would be great. Thanks (and thanks to @KCmore247 for the Finley team grab)


Curious to see what the thoughts are on this one! Not a deal-breaker but just doesn’t seem to be consistent with how the skills read.

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Hmmm, I just wonder is spirit link considered as defence buff? :thinking:

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That was my initial thought when we started talking about it, but according to @amessofamind it is. So hence this thread lol

AFAIK, AoE damage against spirit link works like this: it attempts doing damage from left to right and splits the hit according to the enemy count remaining before each hit.

E.g. if the attack does ~700 damage to each target, and the enemies have 100 - 300 - 1000 - 400 - 800 HP and similar defense values:

  1. Hit is applied to leftmost target. There are 5 enemies alive, so you do 140 damage to each enemy. Leftmost enemy dies. New HP values: 0 - 160 - 860 - 260 - 660.
  2. Hit is applied to 2nd leftmost target. There are 4 enemies alive, so you do 175 damage to each. Target dies. New HP values: 0 - 0 - 685 - 85 - 485.
  3. Hit is applied to middle target. With 3 enemies alive, you do 233 damage to each. New HP values: 0 - 0 - 452 - 0 - 252
  4. Hit is applied to the only remaining target. With two alive, you do 350 to each. End result: 0 - 0 - 102 - 0 - 0.

Now I’m not 100% sure the hit onto the 4th hero disappears entirely, or maybe it applies its hypothetical damage split onto remaining targets. But I’m 100% sure pierce doesn’t ignore spirit link, and damage of each separate hit is increased based on how many heroes are left standing after the previous hits were applied.


Good insight here, thanks. Curious though, if it works like you state then why did Viv take the least amount of damage in the photo when she is far left? Not to mention it just being no where close to the damage she should have been hit by.

She took the initial hit of 182 (split by 5, you can see each hero taking 182) and it was enough for a kill. Further hits were split on less targets, so did more damage.

Viv took 256 damage and it wasn’t enough to kill (2nd photo)

Yeah, 2nd case is more peculiar. Was that a 2x charge (with less than 100% pierce)? Because then I could see the same issue as there existed with reflect: bypass working on a buff not normally bypassable, if there’s an actual bypassable buff applied on top of it.

I.e. bypass didn’t proc on Viv, splitting the damage, but worked on the two other targets, ignoring whatever defense buff they had and spirit link as a combo.

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Both photos are 3 charge.

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In that case, could the other two heroes still have an active defense buff? I see Viv has def down, but perhaps the other two had def up?

All heroes were hit with frank first then cobalt (we were trying to one shot combo teams). The numbers just don’t make sense on viv no matter how I look at it. Also my cobalt is 3/70 so no blems for additional damage procs, here is the photo right before.

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