Cobalt or Lord Loki

Hi all
Would you recommend emblem on Cobalt or Lord L? And pls explain why.

Cobalt is used both in offense and defense at the same. Lord L is used only in offense.

The total amount is enough to have one of them at level 19 (right now Lord L to get him faster by mana bonus at level 19) and the other one in level 3 (right now Cobalt)


I would ascend Lord Loki for the fun value, but Cobalt is one of the heaviest hitters in the game. So it has to be up to you. Both are top notch heroes.

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Cobalt. Buffing his attack with emblems will make him deadly to be used either in def or offense.

Lord loki not necesserilly to be emblemed since he can become anything either healer, attacaker etc.

LoLoki is Fun. Cobalt is Necessary. In your case, I would go Cobalt first for the Offensive power and then LoLoki for the Fun factor.

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