Cobalt Node 19

I’m about to activate the 19th node in Cobalts emblem path. What would you choose? 2 % heal or 2 % Manabonus? He is placed left or right wing and Garnet is my tank. Thank you in advance.

I would probably go the alternate node.

I don’t think that the mana node is overly useful for the ninjas. From another thread:

I’d go atkX bonus in that slot, if we are just picking from all bonuses that exist. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Thanks for the replies, but there are just heal bonus (maybe good Combo as having Garnet as Tank/Healer) and Manabonus (I don’t know how the Ninjas behave in Def with the Manabonus).

I would still get the mana nod as it gives you the flexibility on offense to put a level 5 mana troop under cobalt and preserve your high level mana troops for average speed heroes (e.g. frida/Glenda/loki).

Beside I don’t see any real value in 2% more heal…

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