Cobalt bypass vs mica buff

Can anyone explain me why teluria got 1400 of damage after cobalt used his skill with his 2 charge?

1400 seems alot but the wizard talent. 15% extra damage per each active buff.

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Cobalt bypassed the defensive link and did additional damage with Jinx.

I was thinking and the Only explantion that l can find is that:
Mica got bypasees defense and damage shared.
Kingston didnt get Any bypass.
Teluria got bypassed damage shared, defense Buff and got jinxed.
@Petri sir there is a threat explaning how bypass works against damage shared…
Damage shared imo isnt a defense buff

Unfortunately it is a defensive buff.

What could it be then? As far as I’m concerned it is a “defensive” buff (as per the writing on the card, not a defence buff which would be different)

And it must be a defensive buff as it’s not an offensive buff like attack up etc

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Damaged shared is counted as a defensive buff. You can test this by firing Wilbur then Caedmon at an opponent, you will see the damage down stay but shared damage be removed. Also visible in reverse if Wilbur fires against you and you use a cleanser such as rigard the def down will be removed but your heroes will continue to share damage

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Thnks for the feedback

If damage sharing is a defensive buff then it’s yet another case of buffs being unclear. Because bypass is only for buffs that affect the defense stat, counterattack, and reflect. Other buffs (and it is a buff) are not valid to be bypassed.

@Guvnor seems like yet another clarification needed, and perhaps your flowchart needs an update.

To clarify, I am referring here to buff on the defensive side in as much as counted for Jinx and increasing damage as per earlier comments.

I am not even going to pretend to understand the whole change to reflect etc.

No; there’s a defence up buff in place on all the heroes.

Flow chart is still accurate in that if there is a defensive buff in place and it triggers the bypass, it bypasses ALL buffs in play (including damage share). BUT without the defence buff in play, there will be no chance to trigger & process the bypass ability.

Quoting for reference here:

To answer the OP’s question, the answer is (probably) that he bypassed the defensive buffs on Telluria AND triggered Jynx. Hence the big damage as it ignored the defence buff from mica (and damage share) and also got the additional boost in damage from Jynx.

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