Co-op Raids, missions, and quests


A way for players to team up with other players around the world in order to take on special missions, conquer titans, and even progress further in the main campaign. Players could build another team of hero’s, similar to their raid defense team, but this team is formed to help other players take in special, more difficult, quests and missions. All loot earned could be split evenly amongst the two players. If co-op is made for titans, it can be used on less strong titans, 3* or lower, and each player can have a chance at the game board with their own moves and loot is also decided evenly. If one of the two players is currently offline, then either a computer could play for them or the online player can send invites to his friends in and out of the game. Sending invites over Facebook Messenger, text, Snapchat, or even Twitter to bring people who don’t play the game in to help out their buddies!


I like the co-op idea! I have no idea how to implement it, but I really like it! :slight_smile:
Could bring a whole new dimension to cooperation and strategy.

Maybe add a regular quest for coop only availible in alliances? That way alliances get something “extra” beyond access to titans