Co-Leader —- what do you think?

Hi @Rohn, this is similar to how my current alliance does co-leads.

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End of the day alliance rules are rules! my alliance 3-4 hits on titan war optional use alll flags if in war if you in!!! any questions just ask, Lettuces know if your offline for x amount of days!
That’s pretty sweet?

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Rules are rules, I agree and I believe the vast majority advertise the same rules. I’m speaking only to the manner of the messaging. Some players are okay with forceful messages, some players prefer a less authoritarian delivery.

If you can find 30 people responding well to however leadership is delivering their messages, then that’s all that matters.

People who don’t like the delivery system will simple move on.


How is your alliance working and running doing it that way?? Mine is smooth as silk

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We have 2,One person is in charge of war, and the other one is in charge of general game follow-up.


Hi @Rohn, Here’s the backstory: I joined (38 days ago or “38d”) a newly formed (42 days old or “42d”) alliance that’s predominantly made up of players who left a previous team that was way too casual (many stagnant players). I had (also) just left a very casual and open alliance that was 362d old, but “laissez-faire” about everything, and although was completely full (30/30), there were never 30 players hitting titans or participating in wars and there was only one leader/co-leader, 4 elders but all barely communicated.

The similarity in my new alliance (to yours) is that: of the 12 members, 8 are co-leaders and 4 elders. 2 days after I joined (hitting all titans and full war participation with all flags), I became an elder. I think it was 5 days later (again hitting all titans and full war participation with all flags plus being proactive on chat), I became a co-leader. Although my current alliance is “open”, they emphasize full participation with killing titans and advocate participation in alliance wars although not mandatory, but use all flags.

However, Players are demoted when two back-to-back titan wars are missed without an excused absence and can be removed from the team when other warnings are not acknowledged.

I’m undecided about whether it’s actually working (or not) because we’ve had good players leave (one left because of demotion from co-leader to elder to member and got verbally upset (with all the expletives) and two others couldn’t hit all titans (one player just had a baby and couldn’t commit the time and the other had other personal priorities and couldn’t commit the time).

When I first joined, there was 14/30 and we were hitting 7*-8* titans: chaining 7* and doing well on most 8* and progressing quickly, then went down to 11/30 and couldn’t muster the points to kill 8*, are struggling with 7* but consistently killing 6*. A new player recently joined (like 2 days ago) and shows eagerness (became an elder 1 day ago), but it is still a challenge with a team that’s currently 12/30.

Anyway I’m sorry for being verbose, but hope this helps answer your question (or not, LOL!)

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I feel that your new alliance could still not be making you happy… I hope all gets great with you. If you ever want to see how smooth it should run give me a yell.


I have one Co Leader, and there will never be more than one. Co leaders should be a daily player, someone trustworthy, someone who is in chat on a regular basis to boost morale, and help with all things e&p. And definitely one who participated in Wars & Titans! If you make alot of people the Co, How is that going to even represent a covered position? That is why there is Elder status, which has to be earned, AND maintained. You will lose that title if you aren’t playing, & doing your part on my team. I don’t allow Drama, there’s always someone to come along to fill every team slot, so no need to put up with any drama, or anything at all!, Even if they got the strongest team, & make the most points!? I don’t care! Post your rules, and team expectations up front, and that is how to build a great team!

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It takes 30 days of active playing on my team, with no drama, to become an elder!? Then, you must continue to earn and keep that elder status. I’ve seen them come & go. But, with time & patience, I’ve got a really strong team together now, and we all work together very well, which has WON the WARS the last 4 times! …and counting! We been doing the dang thing! TeamOG!


I am one of the coleaders in my alliance. Mainly I help smaller players on how to develop their fortress, which heroes to ascend first and give an hand to coordinate the attacks in war.

Honestly, I don’t give a ■■■■ about having that role, I would do what I do because I like it and I want to do my part in the alliance.
“Babysitting” gives me quite some satisfaction, I enjoy see my companions grow. Also, I think it’s very important to create a bond, and to make everyone feel part of the team, by knowing there’s someone who looks after and helps you. It also creates a bit of the healthy rivalry, it makes them compete to do better.

I said, I do it for then fun of it. But I also think, as almost any other here, that roles shouldn’t be given lightly.
Coleaders must be dedicated to the alliance and act as a guide for the others, not all are fit for this.
I wouldn’t be giving more than elder (and I agree that it should pass at least a month before assigning it) to anyone who doesn’t prove to be one step above the others, in terms of contribution to the alliance.


It totally depends on the alliance. I have 6 alts and have been in every position in different alliances, usually at the same time. Sometimes, I just want the alt that can go in and play, chat, and not have to think, in other words keep me a Member. lol

In the alliance I lead (at one time I was leading three Aliiances as part of a larger group), I have exactl 2 Coleads. One is responsible for War. One for Titans. We discuss any major decisions, like player kicks, so 3 leads in the right number, since we always reach a majority decision. Everybody else, that follows the alliance rules, gets promoted to Elder, so they can accept Join requests from visiting mercs of our larger group. Newbies are Members.

I’ve been in alliances where there are a lot of coleads simply becuase they have been in the alliance a long time, but most of them actually did nothing to help lead the alliance, sometimes they didn’t even meet minium requirements, and they didn’t chat. That is not leadership.

Yes, this is a game.
Yes, we are all equal as humans.
But we are all in a bus going on vacation, and we can’t all drive the bus at the same time. A driver, a navigator, a mechanic, are about all you need. Everybody else can sit back and have fun.

So my thoughts are Co-leads should have a specific role and responsibilty. Elder is good enough for everybody else, so they can handle join requests. Member is for newbies that need to show they can follow the alliance minimums.


Totally agree. You cannot have all chiefs and no indians.


Our alliance has just 3 co-leaders… Each one with his function…
I’m the statistic guy… Tracking all titan and war hits and writing it all down with collective and individual performance analises Weekly…
We have one dedicated to war coordination
Our leader is the recruiter and “ego” manager.
We have one vice for “the night shift”… That does a little bit of everything

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We have a leadership team (Elders and CoLeads) that fluctuates between 6-10 players total.

We’re old school: most of our leadership is chosen after 6 months in our alliance. We know who serves. There are virtually no surprises at that “age”.

There are a number of things that leadership helps with (war, titans, recruitment, etc) and when RL strikes and they’re not available during a holiday etc, there are enough folks present for someone else (or several someone’s) to stand up.

Every alliance is different and operates differently, whether they have 1 colead or 29. This set up works for us. :wink:


I tend to prefer my small alliance, who prefers not to do alot of chatting. I had almost a full crew at one point, mergers from 2 seperate teams? & it was so full of drama, & behind the scenes trash talking, & people seriously getting rude and pushy. It was crazy. Finally got it back to the original crew, and it really has been wonderful. It may be a little too quiet for me, but we have been winning them wars! It’s all mostly me in chat! Lol… I do have a co-leader, & we talk on the Line app. Oh! Another issue I had was a couple people trying to run me and my alliance!? NOT! and others begging me behind the scenes to make them co-leader?! NOT! lolol…it really was crazy.

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Yeah, when someone asks for power, that’s usually my first sign that they shouldn’t be given it. :wink:


Fascinating thread. A lot of interesting opinions and certainly things I’ve not been aware of. :laughing:

I joke that I don’t know why I’m a co-leader because it’s funnier, though the truth is, I believe, to allow me access to the alliance message. This stemming from our alliance’s war strategy in targeting certain opponents, and it’s handy to have it for easy reference for those participating in war. I was willing to scout the opposition to see who those teams are and mentioned them in the chat. I’ve since been more elaborate with alliance messages to make things easier for the team.

I’m aware of experiences of those who joined alliances which slowly died as the leader drifted away with no co-leaders assigned. Reading around the forums it’s probably wise to leave such an alliance especially when it’s still limited. Curious if there are any alliances who are quite serious but don’t have co-leaders assigned whether by design or circumstance.

I suppose the more serious alliances will have more defined needs and usages for the co-leader role, especially for coordination. Though some sound more data gathering, and others more specialists at certain aspects of the game. I like the ‘regional co-leaders’ idea, as it were, to keep things ticking over.


I guess quit line or discord and have everthing in open might solve the behind power grabs lol

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Thanks for responding, however you are necro-posting here. :wink: