Co-Leader —- what do you think?

Here’s what I think about the tag of Co-Leader:

Needs to have a job. Either recruiting, war strategy, training, time zone coverage, hero advice, whatever— but a purpose.

Needs to be an exclusive role. What is the point of having 10+ co-leaders? Really? Why?

Needs to be of high contribution, trust and reasonable tenure. We’ve all heard stories of Co’s gone rogue.

Needs to support the alliance direction, and follow the expected standards for all members. I had a Co miss 9 flags over 4 wars. He is no longer Co.

And, my own personal belief, if you ascend to leader, you keep the same Co staff your predecessor installed unless they don’t hit alliance minimums.



The reason I ask is because I want to know thoughts from you all, leaders, co’s and members.

I have 7 co’s right now. I feel it is 1 too many, but am not going to demote someone “jus cuz”. But If there is something worthy of consideration for more Co’s I’d like to hear it. Truthfully I think 6 co’s spanning several timezones is ideal in a 30 person international alliance.


In our alliance we have 6 co leaders

Aslan and Dayman are in Aussie time and they monitor the titan and make calls to pass or flask if I’m away.

Aslan is a bit of a war field marshall too

Ardit and Son are Albanian and UK time respectively and they do the same as Aslan and Dayman. It’s like a roster shift. Night and daytime shift

Ardit however is a bad cop and tells people to use hits or get kicked out. I’m sort of the ‘good cop’ but more often than not I agree with Ardit

Supa stud is a cheerleader in a way and he reminds ppl to change tanks in war and otherwise helps questions from the group

Korf leads by example with his titan and war hits and helps out generally everywhere

I fill in where I have to but because the co leaders do such a good job sometimes I’m not needed!

Some elders deserve to be co leaders too but we’ll see


6 coleads? 7? Does it really matter?

I agree you don’t want too many, but see no issue with where you are at.

We don’t have specific roles for coleads. It’s really based on who’s active and doing the role. That includes:

  • Helping members
  • Coordinating wars
  • Calling titans
  • Rallying the troops
  • Cheerleading at times
  • Updating featured message

The role is to assist the leader. Some want that. Others don’t. We’ve offered to a few and they turned it down.

I just looked. We have 7 and it works fine. If someone relaxes, we’d go to 6. No real rule but this number seems to be in the range.


Thanks @FrenziedEye and @littleKAF. It’s a discussion I’ve not seen specifically on the board. But mostly that Ive seen alliances with10-12 out of 30 and that seemed excessive. Good to know we are in a good spot.

It feels like the title could be gifted to alliance veterans but I dunno I need purpose in things I suppose— over think a little also.

We all make decisions by committee anyhow.


I am the leader of my alliance. We have 30 members and 22 co-leaders. Was 24 before yesterday, demoted 2 for not utilizing all war flags. I see everyone as equal, if i could, all would’ve been leaders if they do their part. We kill most of our titans and won more wars than we lost. It’s just a small form of recognition for their effort and loyalty.


No, thank you, you just reminded me to thank em

Warm feelz


You’re getting good with Photoshop, dude :sweat_smile:

But I’d agree that in a global alliance, it’s ideal to have co-leaders covering multiple time zones.

This also ensures that the war banter in your alliance banner is regularly updated!


Thats an interesting perspective. I suspected that was a reason to do so. May not work everywhere but I’m glad it works for you.


It’s currently just me amd one co-leader in my alliance right. And we share the duties. If I’m not around to update and keep an eye on things then they do. And we make discuss and make decisions on changes amd demotions/kicks together. But I think it depends on the alliance and the people in the alliance on how many there should amd shouldn’t be and if there should be specific jobs for each or if it is just a group effort


Thanks. Promotion alone is not enough. If donation is allowed, i’d happily give my duplicates 4* / 5* heroes to them. Just so happy and honoured to play alongside such like-minded folks. We even had 2 gatherings already.


I look at the titles more as levels than rolls - the longer you’re in the alliance and don’t cause trouble, the higher your rank/level.

It’s just a mark of seniority in a lot of cases.

I’m a co-leader in my alliance but I’d be doing the same advice giving, war-calling and planning stuff no matter what rank I had.


I agree. I have 7 co- leaders. They are all trusted longtime members helping me leading, cheering and advising in all aspects of the game. Some having more specific roles like keeping records, cheerleading or make alliance announcements. Others more general supporting and contributing in leaderchat when discussing direction, strategies &policies, recruitment etc.
I guess some alliances make all members co-leaders for everyone to be able to change alliance description and Featured message, they probably still have a smaller group setting the direction

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I’d recommend against this. We did it and we ended up with co-leads that did not lead. Then new recruits would see co-leads performing subpar and not participating. It didn’t go well. It’s best to give to those that will do whatever you want the position to do in my opinion.


Yeah, it’s a hard line to walk.

Interestingly enough, we had an open discussion about this in our alliance and we had someone leave because they felt that they wouldn’t be promoted.
You hate to lose productive members, but these titles mean so little that it’s almost a head-scratcher for people to place so much importance on them.

I seriously considered dropping my leader title after that person left, and I still may. I am finding that the only thing that ‘leader’ means is that you worry about keeping the alliance full more and feel the losses more than the others in the alliance.


The leader is the diplomat. I was promoted back in the days where you had to be 200 days with alliance for co-lead (yeah we’re that old and that rule isn’t there anymore). I was promoted early as I was actually doing leadership things. Well, in truth, I just was the one that wasn’t afraid to complain if people weren’t doing what they should be doing. I almost left myself during a transition period but then it became obvious that others felt like I did and we went a different direction. In other words, I was not the diplomat. :grin:

We did have one person that wanted to be co-lead and asked. We basically said here’s what we’d like a co-lead to do and they said sure. It worked fine.

But as @Halifax said, I think most people would play how they do regardless of titles. Hence, the co-leads should emerge naturally.

I like how we have it. Here is what we expect the co-leads to do. It’s really not that hard, but not everyone wants to update the featured message, or do Line shout outs, or identify war targets. Co-leads move up and down based on what they want to do at the time. But regardless of title, everyone has a spot. (And heck, if you’re a member or elder and you are vocal, you may just be asked to become a co-lead).


We have 3 co’s. I’m the war monger, 1 is for titan calls and the last helps with both/trains/whatever. It works for us as we’ve always been a democratic alliance. Even a suggestion from the newest members gets tossed around and ‘voted’ on. If it seems like most want to try the suggestion we do it.

For us, the elder position is about time and activity spent in the alliance. Co-leaders are just elders that can change the featured message and not touch the other shiny buttons :grimacing:

I think too much importance is put on the titles. Honestly, the only difference between elder and Co is the ability to change alliance settings. Otherwise, it’s just a label.


I run ALL co-leads on my team. You come to my team hit titan. All war flags one time after war you are co-leader. We do everything as ONE. At co-leads everyone is as close as can get to equal. No team is better or worse than any other every point counts for our team. Runs perfectly like that.


We have 9 Co-leads out of 27 members (me being one).

Mainly its a longevity thing with us to show appreciation. Although most of us do take care of managing a lot of things.

We also have thresholds for wars mainly as we are still trying to get over that step of using all flags everytime but that will come. We are also very relaxed about a lot of things.

Had a switch of leaders a couple times due to personal things but that is what the co-leads are for right? Step in for one another.

We run quite well although not a well oiled machine like the top alliances but hey nothing will ever be perfect. If it was I would be married, living in a mansion, and have all the shiny heros to pick from.

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Had two co leaders leave in one go! Not long ago! So left with leader and 1 co-leader. I started helped one with titan and war logs on the line ally page s/s before this Happened!
So after the two left! It was bad as was good players!
Iv always helped new people I give out my line addy 30 day rule for the alliance chat! Been promoted to co leader I’m kinda hot head! If your a knob jockey I’ll call you out! I addressed this my boss they like Just don’t say nothing keep calm let the others on the alliance see if they say something!

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I think some players in leadership positions forget that we are all here together to freely play a game. No one is getting paid, no one should be “ordered” to do anything.

You can request, you can encourage, you can support. Good luck if you’re trying anything more forceful, Eventually that tires everyone out.

Even fairly mild-mannered people will balk at authority if they feel it’s not being directed at them fairly.

It’s a delicate dance, certainly not for everyone, and it’s no surprise some of the better ones burn out quickly.


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