Closest war win?


Happened 2 day


I wouldn’t know whether to cry or laugh if this happened to me


We lost by 2 points…, 3828-3826. We had a few no shows but it is what it is.


Had some close ones recently…

7/12 - Lost by 2

8/5 - Won by 10


What happens if the scores are tied?


Guaranteed 5* Hero and all the mats to ascend him. Only way they could reward yes?


I might be able to top this. We were up as the timer went down. Someone on the opponent team started a battle. Timer went to zero. We were waiting trying to see if it would count or not. Well it did. Last hit of the match after the timer went off beat us. Wasn’t by one, but timing was perfect (for them at least).


Proof or did not happen


We managed a draw yesterday. The most dissapointing thing was that we got rewarded, or better said punished as if we lost. I find that mega dissapointing. Still, how often do you see a draw??


You know, they doesn’t want to appear too much generous.
Since the loot is so awesome, rewarding both teams with victory rolls could lead to a rain of unfarming ascension maths which could lead to a disaster for the whole game balance


Believe me or not. Does not matter to me.