Closest Raid Wins – can you beat these?

I was reading around how many people dont appreciate raiding, well to me it is the best! i love having to adjust to each opponent.

Last raid i had a really close victory! Wanted to see if anyone posts something closer than this :slight_smile:

i got a snapshot right when i survived!


You’ve set a pretty high baseline here…These matches are some of the most memorable and some of the ones that feel the best about…Haha…I think we’ve all had those close calls, when you saw your gradual and seemingly inevitable demise, then out of nowhere, you kill one hero then the next and there’s a ray of sunshine…then before you know it you’re sending that last set of tiles up for one final hit hoping you make it through…Aaand that’s how you end up with an image like this one…lol. I’m looking forward to see what other people can show…


Took this screenshot when I was relatively new. Glad I found it and have an opportunity to share!


That’s awesome!

The only thing that can beat that would be 1hp left with something like fire damage on your hero.

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I had 3hp with fire damage!!!
You win @mrock42 :facepunch:


I think you win… :grin:


I actually think @Lunx wins haha. Wu’s blinded and on fire, so there was a decent chance he was going to miss and then die. I don’t remember if my last enemy was going to hit next turn, but it’s possible I might have had a couple turns before getting hit.


I meant, “You win the ‘I killed the opponent with only _ HP remaining!’ race…” :grin:

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Blinded and on fire that was tough call!
These are the best raids! When u think u lost then there is a turn of event!

I was down to her, with one hit point left, against two Gravemakers, Mok-Arr, and Victor, and she stirred her stew and saved my bacon.

You can watch the video here:


For those curious about Victor’s attack against a seemingly dead Kageburado: Kage was revived—you can see his minion pop up, but Victor immediately kills him, so he disappeared before the animation finished.

Kinda the same effect, I’m guessing, as clicking on a hero to check their hit points after an enemy has already started their attack animation but before the animation is finished. It will show the hero already with the attack damage subtracted from his or her total—even with zero hit points left.

It’s a cosmetic glitch (and a weird delay) that the devs might want to take a look at, @Petri , if they’re not already. Victor’s attack is at the one minute mark.

Wow!!! Craaazy! What troops did you have for mother north? Her special activated pretty quickly!

Unfortunately my closest was a raid loss. Down to 1 hero each. I was hit and died but riposte killed opponent. So in a way they won with 0 points. No screenshot though; my thumbs are, well, all thumbs.

At least the 4 I did kill filled my hero chest.

North actually had a crit troop, not a mana one. Six ghosted tiles will charge her though. Every time. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Managed to max mana before the turn ended… Definitely glad that Misandra managed to Slice and Sever more than once…:joy:


Close call… 6 seconds close…


I’ve won by one point twice before, but didn’t manage to get a screenshot.


Well I can’t beat it but I can join it. I’d like to thank Grazul for keeping me in this one long enough to edge it out!!! Was a bit of sweating towards the end as it was OT and bottom of the inning on this one.


Well, well, well, Panther revived 2 times, saved my butt, leaving this Lianna 1v1. Glad my girl came on top.


Wow so many excitingly close battles! I have had a few myself but no screenshots… I will be sure to take some in the future.