[CLOSED] The Gallos is recruiting - looking for growing players in the making and experienced players alike

Come help us rebuild the 100K+ team fighting 7*, 8*, and 9* titans. Laid back adult group looking for a few 800 trophy level players with 2800+ team power, but that last part is negotiable ;). Looking for players with a handful of 4* characters and on their way up to TC 20, or experienced players using TC 20 to build deeper rosters of 4* heroes for alliance wars.

Want a fun alliance AND get good titan loot, but also NOT to make the game your second job? The Gallos are for you!

Message me here on the forum or in Peer Support or Alliance Recruitment chat if you have questions about our group/ if you see me and are interested (in game alias = MesmerizingRobot9754), or if you know others who might be interested in joining. I look forward to meeting you and working with my group to provide you with the fun mid-level alliance experience you have always been looking for.


Take care, and happy titan hunting!

5 spots left for those who are still interested and meet the (negotiable) requirements.

My alliance is looking for a group to merge with we have 7 players

Hi Lycan. Is it okay if I meet you in game to discuss this further in about 20-30 mins? I can take turns bouncing between Heathens of Sparta and The Gallos. I will join your group and we can talk about it there.

Sure I’ll be there. I’ll let the team know

Thanks for the discussions today, Lycan. Please let us know what your final decision is on the matter here on the forum when you get the chance. Best of luck and happy titan hunting wherever you choose to do it. :slight_smile:

My vote is for The Gallos. I don’t want to make this game a second job. The other options are either too aggressive or too assertive. I do want work towards top 100 but not at light speed.

Sounds good to me. We were close to pushing top 100 when we flasked down that 9* titan for our retired player. With your help and the hard work of our middle players, we can definitely make that happen and it will be exciting for us all. I will let the others in my group know. Start sending some of your members to The Gallos and make them specify that they are coming from Heathens of Sparta in their join request so we don’t accidentally leave anyone out in favor of some other random applicant.

The Gallos has successfully recruited to 30 members. Keep an eye out; you never know when we might have free spots again. :wink: Happy titan hunting to everyone out there.