CLOSED 🚀 Reach new heights with the right team! Full - But do have a waiting list if still interested!


War matching about to start… doesn’t mean you have to stop looking for your new home… only that the alliance you choose has to wait a couple of days before you join.

At East of the Equator we appreciate loyalty & commitment and so are quite content to wait until war is over for a player to join us.

The good ones are worth waiting for!

Visit our discord to see if we are the place you want to be jump on to!

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Only 2 spot left!

War is over, and a break before matching begins - perfect timing for those looking for a new home.

While many alliances lost players during or right after the last war, instead we gained one! And - as always, :100: % participation!
That is just how we roll! :wink:

Interested in learning more about us? Always happy to answer questions - best way to find the right fit!

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And now down to one spot left - possibly filled… Now’s the time!

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There sure are some wonderful and enthusiastic players out there!
Seems we may be a tad too steady and possibly boring for some - :scream: But we like it that way - gets to focus on our game play rather than cleaning up drama messes.
No clan is a prefect fit for everyone and some are personalities are just too big for one clan.
It’s all good though - need some mold breakers out there… just maybe in a livelier clan… LOL.

Anyone looking for a peaceful gaming environment that actually is drama free - then you are sure to like this respectful, considerate and caring group of great players!

Making being in the too 400 feel like a walk in the park on a beautiful and breezy day! :smiley:

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And a drama-free environment where everyone delivers is only one of the reasons to join!

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:rocket: Only one spot left! :rocket:

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Hitting 10 and 11 star titans, come on in


Teamwork tames even the biggest of titans!

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