Closed Poll: How many maxed 5-star and 4-star heroes do you have?

How many maxed heroes do you have? I’m only interested in 4-star and 5-star rosters. Edit: By maxed I mean 4-star heroes at 4-70 and 5-star heroes at 4-80. These heroes should also have their SS maxed to 8/8.

The general level of maxed heroes in player benches will be an interesting data point after the update comes out next week. I’ve got way more than 10 4-star and 5-star heroes maxed and I’ve been wondering what does a typical player’s roster look like.

  • I have no maxed 4-star or 5-star heroes.
  • 4-star: 1 to 10 maxed heroes. 5-star: None maxed.
  • 4-star: 1 to 10 maxed heroes. 5-star: Fewer than 5 maxed heroes.
  • 4-star: 1 to 10 maxed heroes. 5-star: 5 or more maxed heroes.
  • 4-star: More than 10 maxed heroes. 5-star: Fewer than 10 maxed heroes.
  • 4-star: More than 10 maxed heroes. 5-star: More than 10 maxed heroes.
  • Other. Please reply below.

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I’m right on the edge of switching categories, but this will be a really interesting snapshot if enough people take the poll. Good idea @madmarv!


does the hero have to be maxed as in completed or just assececoned to max rank for egample my hu tao is four star four asc levle 51 ?

Knowing why @madmarv is asking this, it’s looking for totally maxed heroes, not just ones in the 4th ascension. Those heroes are going to come into play when the talent grid and class system are released.

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A huge data point you are missing is the amount of 5 stars at 3/70. I have around 20 or 30 at that level and enough materials to ascend around 10 pushing my level of maxed 5’s to 30 but im becoming tired of maxing heroes.

For assessing typical rosters, you’re right, that’d be an important data point. But I think this is really after understanding how many heroes people have that would be eligible for talent upgrades right now.

Richards talent was released by sg. Can the hero talent charts be released for the rest? Dont see why it cant??

How many tokens does it take to level a hero?

Last I heard that hadn’t been finalized in beta. If the next release has classes in it then the full list will be known.

boo then so far i only have three levle four completed maxed out one sabina and two borals but i have 5 four stars about to be completed on last run by end of the week waitng for oven to cook my feeders,

ps i have only been playing for 3 months

Well a new release just hit. I will see if talents are out. The first few talents on the grid are between 15-20 tokens each and theres about 30 different levels on each 5 star tree. 4 stars are much easier to level and require much less tokens and have the same percentages for their abilities as 5* so i honestly feel 4* are truly the way to go. With 10 separate classes I sure hope the alchemy lab comes about and lets us change a fighter class token to rogue and such. Guess we will see


You’re making great progress! Don’t feel bad that you don’t have more heroes maxed, as you’re noticing now based on your list, your leveling pace will increase now that you’ve got a lot of the basic building progress done.

Sorry the release isnt out. Beta just said it was cuz beta just closed.

I guess I can stop compulsively refreshing my app updates then. :laughing:

I have been playing for less than 7 months (started on June 17, 2018). Currently in my roster I have:
4.70 - 20
3.70 - 6 + 3 almost there
4.80 - 7 (and can ascend 4 more)
No maxed 3-stars at all.

13 maxed 4* and 2 maxed 5* with 2 more 5* 4.60+.

your poll isn’t going to give you an idea of the average player, because there are not enough options…

I have " 4* more than 10, 5* fewer than 10" - but that doesn’t give you an idea of my roster… while I only have 4 5* currently fully leveled, I also have 31 fully leveled 4* - and this does not include any partially leveled heroes.

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This is about hero classes, I’m not trying to judge anyone’s roster. I picked those number ranges because they will be relevant after next week’s update. Or at least fairly good indicators if not perfectly relevant.

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Yes, I understood that this is about the pending hero classes.
Can you explain why you think these number ranges will be relevant?

I think I should keep that off the message board as it is beta related. It is nothing ground breaking but I think I can say that your bench depth of maxed heroes will indicate how much hero classes will matter to you or frustrate you.

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