CLOSED 💥 East of The Equator: Possibly the best Alliance There is!



3 spots left. Contact us through discord. Check us out


Must contact us through discord. That’s the only way in


See instructions above


Hit us on discord! We are the bestest bunch ever! 10* titans and teamwork during wars! Come take a peek!


We have the best advice team! Get on discord and come in!


Discord is the only way in to this alliance.
It’s how we keep in touch with each other for important coordination stuff.
It’s easy to use so don’t let that scare you! We are looking for players who want to participate 100% in wars and hitting titans - if that sounds like you then come on over.


You still have spots open? Still looking for a more competitive alliance than I can find in public.


Hey, thanks for that. Joined your discord server and left a message inquiring if you still had a spot open. Got promptly kicked off. Thought the issue was the low trophy count from what you previously said. Thats cool. GL with that.


Treating teammates with respect is highly important to this alliance, as we are a team oriented, positive & more importantly, SAFE play environment. Previous caustic behaviour is the reason a previous applicant was kicked from our Discord server. Was assumed some would be wise enough to get the hint that their negative parting remarks meant they that they had burned that bridge & would not be accepted back… seems someone was overestimated, resulting in being banned from our server.

:+1: Yes - we are an ABSOLUTELY AWESOME ALLIANCE, we care for our team mates, provide a positive playing environment, fun friends to banter with but most of all, a safe place to grow your E&P Skills. Only mature, positive & dedicated individuals need apply. :+1:

Applications must be through Discord, as Discord is very important to this team’s game play… you’ll find tons of resources to help you improve every aspect of your game, tips on which hero to level next as well as lots of games & topics to keep you busy between titan & wars!

:smiley:Visit un on Discord :grinning: You’ll be happy you did: Type into an web browser:

(remember - case sensitive)
Feel free to introduce yourself & tell us why you think you’d be a good fit for us! As soon as we spot you there we’ll grant you access to take a tour of what our Discord Server has to offer you!

skull_and_crossbones:Please note: anyone applying directly in game will be automatically rejected. Must introduce yourself in Discord before hand.

To know more about us - it is highly advisable that one takes the time to read the 1st post in this discussion… if you still think we are the team for you - come on by our Discord!

Garnet Velvet
Team Leader


ahh. Thank you for the clarification. For the record, I was told that I could not be accepted because my trophy score was too low. Accepted as a valid enough reason. I simply asked at that point if I could stick around on your server being that it seemed like a great resource for game info. Seemed like a fair enough request. I was not “caustic” in any way. Did not insult anyone or your alliance in any way. I did not leave any negative parting remarks in any form or say anything negative to anyone. You asked me to state my case as to why you should make an exception for me to join since I did not meet your trophy requirements. I stated simply that my team was growing and that I am an active everyday player and that newbie today is in advanced in the near future. Never said anything negative. I was then removed from your server a short while after making my request to stick around. Never messaged by anyone with a reply. I got the message. No sticking around. Had no animosity then nor did I when I asked again later after getting my team a little stronger and my trophy score higher. So please, your generic reply about caustic or unSAFE behavior is misleading to the community. Your “mission statement” should have you treat players in the community differently and above all else be more forthright in the future. Still hold no animosity and appreciate the time and effort you took to respond. I now know where I stand. Good luck to you in your gaming endeavor and keeping a safe and non caustic environment.


Only a few spots left!
We have succeeded in building quite the awesome, fun yet competitive friendly E&P gaming environment!

Think we are the right fit for you? Come check us out on Discord (sorry, only applications via Discord will be considered as Discord is a requirement for our alliance)

Just type into any web browser:

Happy Gaming!


Competition teamwork craziest bunch of people! The best ever!


Yeah. We’re selective. If you’re tired of doing all the heavy lifting in your alliance, if you’re looking for a team-focused group of people who all work together, if you can enjoy a joke but can also take direction when it’s needed, then come check us out.

Think we are the right fit for you? Only applications via Discord will be considered as Discord is a requirement for our alliance.


Like she said above. Come check us out on discord. We have a whole library we will let you look at even if you decide not to join us, just ask.


Thank you to the members that abandoned their post! We won anyway! Ha!


We just won another war. 100% participation again. Join us on discord,see what we are about. Dont have discord or dont know what it is just ask we will help you


We are a “Socially Competitive” Alliance - what this means to us is that we understand that there is real life & E&P is a game that is supposed to be fun! No alarm setting, no dictating of who to hit & when - we play as a team & have fun as a team! 100% Positive & encouraging game play environment!
A safe & fun place to fight Titans, wars & raid!

To visit us on Discord - simply type in to an web browser:
(case sensitive)

Once you’re in we’ll be happy to welcome you, chat a bit & provide you wish access to part of our Discord Server so you can get to know us & see if we are where you’d like to play E&P!



[#8dffdd]EAST OF THE EQUAT[#85e2e3]OR still looking [#7ec6e9]for a few players[#76aaf0], if your looking[#6f8df6] for a team with [#6771fd]100% participatio[#7c6bec]n this is the one[#996cd4]. 1800 cup requir[#b66cbc]ed hitting 10 sta[#d46da5]r titans and winn[#f16d8d]ing wars


We now have one spot open