CLOSED 💥 East of The Equator: Possibly the best Alliance There is!



We’re currently smashing through 8* titans will be onto 9* in no time if your looking to kill titans and have fun doing it this is the place for you


I doubt we will lose a war I. The next 3 months. We either compete against half hearted foes or teams that are over rated. Easy wins = easy loot. The bigger we get = the better loot. Currently >70k alliance with 21 members. You will be joining a full on 150k alliance once full… don’t miss out.


Still slots open if you want to join an alliance aiming for double figure titans and having fun warring.

Interested? Come introduce yourself on our team resource server: (case sensitive).


East of the Equator is a special alliance for many reasons, not only because it’s members are all active, team oriented players, but also because:
It has been set up as a democracy:

  • Alliance goals, standards & penalties were chosen by the entire clan using a voting by vote
  • The Leader and Co-leaders were also chosen by vote

What difference does this make: this means that at least the majority of the team is behind the direction the alliance is heading. It also means that everyone is clear about the clan goals & penalties. Through this voting process we are now all on the same page as to what we do, how we do it & why. This makes working together a much easier, smoother & far more efficient process.
As the team’s elected leader I can attest to this! It is much easier to lead a clan when you know what it wants!

And that is how a medium level player because team lead: My leadership isn’t based on my cups or titan scores. I was voted leader because of my dedication to the team; to helping everyone on the team grow, to helping ensure the team reaches its full potential. I am about the Alliance’s big vision, not just my own success in the game.; About assigning tasks to those who are best at those aspects of the game & spreading the knowledge of the top players who want to play, not lead. I’m a bridge between the deep talent & knowledge members of our team have & getting it to the rest of the clan.
And that is why you’ll find me, a seemingly unlikely candidate, as leader of this great Alliance.

If you like the sound of that as much as our Alliance does, visit us on our Discord server:

(case sensitive)!

Garnet Velvet
Team Leader


Another war won today, a 8* rare Dragon Rooser down; Still looking for like minded players to help us grow; interested?

Come introduce yourself on our team resource server: (case sensitive)


Here you will find the most up and coming alliance in the epic puzzle game of team play. Planning, learning, laughter. If you enjoy this game of puzzling adventures, this is the place to be.


Still not convinced come chat with our leaders,see what we are all about,they will change your mind


100% participation in wars and titans. You cant beat that


Loving the guys an girls in this alliance super awesome to team up with


Fun group! Join and be apart of the madness!


This is really a great and knowledgeable team. We work great together. Have alot of fun on here.


I love my new home! I we have so much fun together. Knowledgeable teammates and organized, honest leadership.


Best alliance ever!!!


If your looking for a permanent home. You found it here. Please check us out on discord.


Hey this is the alliance to join if you want to be part of a growing team of committed players who don’t take this game too seriously (well OK we might take war and titans a bit seriously, everyone is expected to use all flags) but we have a lot of fun with it. Looking for people who like to show up and get busy.


The place to play for those who are passionate about this addictive game but still strive for real life/ game balance!

Imagine, a competitive team who cares! Yes, it exists!

Stop on by our Discord Server to find out!

just type into any web browser:
(case sensitive)

As soon as we spot you there we’ll give you access to tour more of what we have to offer there!

See you there,


We are the best at having fun and hitting hard at the same time.
If you’re looking for a place to call home with a good crew of people from all over the world then come and check us out.


Lots of jokes and fun times in between hitting titans and warring.


Only 3 spots left. Get in while you can


If you want to learn the game. This is the place to do it