CLOSED 💥 East of The Equator: Possibly the best Alliance There is!

:boom: East of the Equator:boom: :thinking:: Yes, I said it - quite possibly the best alliance there is &, due to some serious restructuring, we are recruiting! A rare opportunity to join an even rarer team!:hugs:

:point_right:t2:Who we are: The Summary:point_left:t2:

East of the Equator; if you get the nuance in the name you might be our kind of person. Funny, competitive, supportive - all words that well describe us! We are 22 at the moment, we’ve played together for a while. We recently split into war and non-ware alliances, We are the warring faction:crossed_swords:. Coming from a clan tackling 9* titans, after less than two weeks we’re back up to 8 *rare.:japanese_ogre: We took the time to fine tune our alliance; we know who we are and what we want. We are a solid but welcoming team ready to greet new team members!

:clipboard:Alliance Rules::clipboard:

:trophy:Invite only, Minimum 1400 cups :trophy:

  • Hit the titan daily
  • Use 6 flags in Alliance Wars
  • 3 days away & no contact = boot
  • Keep levelling & growing your team
  • Members must join Discord

:point_down:Who we are: The Full Meal Deal:point_down:

A somewhat competitive yet welcoming, friendly & respectful team. Close knit, yet we all greet new clan members with open arms. :earth_africa:An international bunch​:earth_americas:, literally spread out around the world: There is usually always someone ready to chat! Some of us chat lots, some don’t chat much, it’s whatever you’re comfortable with. Some members are newer to the game, some have been at it for a long while: but we are all still growing & so help each other improve our game: have a question, just ask - someone is always happy to answer!

:japanese_ogre:We are very serious about hitting Titans :japanese_ogre: : Like everyone else in this game, we’re all chasing ascension items! We’re currently hitting 8s with only 22 team members! We have a solid Titan growth strategy that involves heavy hitting most & resting on some – We’ll be hitting 10s in no time!

With :100: Team Participation!

We are supportive & encouraging – so much so that we’ve setup our own Discord chat server in order to more effectively communicate with each other:

:books:We have an extensive game play reference library :books:

We can post roster screenshots for advice on the best team for various situations

:tada: We even have just for fun channels so teammates can get to know each other a bit better while waiting for flags to refill, wars to start or titans to spawn :tada:

We’ve also found it quite an asset in helping our newest members get up to speed quickly on who we are & how we work! You’ll feel like you’ve been with us forever in no time at all!

Members must be on Discord as it is a critical communication tool for the team (if you aren’t familiar with it, please ask – one of our team members will walk you through it!)

:crossed_swords: We participate in Alliance Wars – We have AW Leaders who help us set up our defence teams. We have a few war strategies & communicate much during wars to work effectively as a team. Teammates are to use all 6 flags during war as every point count! Don’t have a hero roster of 30 to use 6 flags – we’ll give you the secret to using up those flags! :crossed_swords:

Again With :100: Team Participation!

We have a great team leadership, as well as a large base of knowledgeable co-leaders and experienced team members who work together to strengthen the alliance - & who are always happy to share their game play wisdom!

:eyes:Looking to be part of something special? Of a great team who realizes that while we love to play Empires & Puzzles, there is real life to be lived too? To grow in your game play while making wonderful & entertaining new friends?:eyes:

East of the Equator is a growing Alliance with active, daily playing members - currently with a rare openings! Come play & grow with us!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post! If we sound like a good match for you, please join our discord and we can get to know each other. Let us know why you think you are a good fit for East of the Equator!

:sunny: :sunny:

(Please note: direct game applications to our Alliance will be rejected – Interested players must first contact us via Discord.
If we sound like the perfect team for you, but you don’t know what the heck this Discord is – no worries, let us know here & we’ll be happy to help you get up & running on Discord & chatting with the clan in no time!)


We are a very close knit clan, we have alot of fun on here

If you want to be part of the best alliance. You are welcome to join us. Check us out on discord you will see we are a very put together team.

Are you guys still looking for another member? I sent a note out on Discord.

Hello Nick - yes we are, due to restructuring & some deep house cleaning we have a few openings to fill! Jump on over to Discord & tell us a bit about yourself!

Wow GV. Such a great text! Hope we will full of new members soon :slight_smile:

Thank you Mathew! But I have to confess - it was teamwork with Grumps. & teamwork is what we do best in our little alliance!

Garnet velvet, I think you sent me a friends request on discord but I didn’t recognize your name?

Hello Princess! Yes I did - you would have known us as Doddsquad a little while ago - there’s been some big changes & I was contacting you as this Alliance’s leader to see if you were still looking for a home. Reno & Grumpy Creature reminded me of your past interest. If interested let me know on Discord, we can chat & see if we’re a fit (FYI: this clan doesn’t share all of the views the previous one did…& so we may be an even better fit!)

Continuing the discussion from East of The Equator: Possibly the best Alliance There is!:

Possibly??? No the best Alliance! We have so much fun! Oh and we’re not shy. What comes up comes out! Come join in our fun! OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!

“Off with their heads!” Our boisterous QueenBee’s favorite saying, especially during Alliance Wars! Of course she’s only joking… well kinda. :wink:

We have a lot of fun in our gang. If you’re looking for a group of people who like to work together as a team to get the best out of this game then we would love to meet you.

We just wiped out the enemy in war. TEAM WORK THATS US!!!

Dam you guys are good don’t know what else to say but to come check us out you won’t be disappointed

Yes, there has been much activity around our recruiting, but we sincerely only want the best fit for our team (We want to expand with new friends, but like a good franchise, we don’t want to lose what makes us so good!).

We (as we work well as a team) will be keeping this post updated. Should all of our available positions get filled up, we’ll change the title of our post so you’ll know right away!

Garnet Velvet

Hey guys looking to make the jump from my current alliance to a new one and liked the sound of you’rs never used discord before so ive got no idea what I’m doing haha if someone could point me I’m the right direction that would be great thanks

Hi there @Luke93,
Click on over to and that should get you to us.

Hello Luke!
Saw you made it to our Discord server! (Thanks for helping him out Quinn!) I’ll jump back over there for a visit with you! Welcome!

We just won another war, 100% flag usage, if you like team work that’s us.

We have very important tips on playing the game on our discord, you need this info so join us

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