CLOSED: 💯 East of the Equator - E&P Gaming Paradise!

Where is East of the Equator? :thinking: Both are hard to find places: East of the Equator (if you didn’t catch the humor in the name) doesn’t exist – but E&P paradise does! You’ll find it in East of The Equator! The best place to play Empires & Puzzles!

We have :100: % Team Participation!

We are supportive & encouraging – so much so that we’ve setup our own Discord chat server in order to effectively communicate with each other. There you’ll find: an entire library of info, tips & strategy advice on how to improve your game, Just for fun channels (it can’t all be E&P, even in paradise!) & gaming channels too!

Members must be on Discord as it is a critical communication tool for the team (if you aren’t familiar with it, please ask – one of our team members will walk you through it!)

:eyes: Looking to be part of something special? Of a great team who realizes that while we love to play Empires & Puzzles, there is real life to be lived too? To grow in your game play while making wonderful & entertaining new friends? Looking for E&P Paradise? :eyes:

Drop by our Discord, Let us know why you think you are a good fit for East of the Equator!

Simply enter in a web browser:

:bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow:

NOTE: Cups has been reduced to 2000! in exchange for a Minimum Heroe’s requirement… ask us about it in Discord!


At East of the Equaror we still have fun playing empires and puzzles.
For us is it’s all about teamwork , so much, so our teammates now I feel like your second family.

Looking for somewhere to play that is not aggressive, not all Uber competitive? Just good old fun with great teammates then this is the place for you just click on the discord;

We have a library on our discord, and offer one
On one Help and advice to players

Think we look awesome (we are!) but sad you don’t meet our entry requirements? At East of the Equator we enjoy the game so much we like to give something back - We now offer 1 on 1 coaching! Primarily geared to beginner and intermediate players: Come on over and get some answers to some of those questions you’ve been to shy to ask of your own alliance!

:+1::slight_smile::blush::grin::smiley::smile::poop::+1::on::hourglass::alarm_clock::100::mens::womens: yeeeeeeaaaaaaah

Won yet another war with sheer determination and :100:% participation!

Teamwork is the name of our game! We’re winning wars and cutting through 10* titans because we work together! And all while having two spaces open! Hit us up on Discord, make our wonderful team complete and let’s go for those 11* beasts!

:dizzy_face: Down to only one opening!

We do fill up fast, because we really are the place to play! :+1:

But - I’ll be honest (because that’s just the way I am): Only the genuinely nice, mature individuals need apply!

:star2: This alliance was built by great players for great players. :star2:

And by “great” we don’t just mean meets the entrance requirements (although that helps too!).

We mean:
:handshake: Friendly
:loudspeaker: Team spirited
:two_hearts: Kind hearted
:rofl: Good Humored
:point_right:t2: (this last one really is a must! While we are mature individuals, we do like to have fun too, and sometimes that means being able to laugh at ourselves!)

Who happens to be a dedicated & good at Empires and Puzzles!

Heck - if you meet all of the above and are a dedicated player who has the roster & cups to join, you don’t even have to be good, we have enough team spirit to help you grow into a good player!

Think this sound like the Empires and Puzzles Play Paradise to you?

Drop by our Discord Server!

We are totally team players, only have 1 spot left dont miss out.

Come and help us defeat this bad boy! Only one team spot remaining!

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We will take that down easy, with 29 players, come join in the fun

After having run my own small alliance and then participating in a solid, more relaxed large alliance, I can say I’ve found my perfect home at East of the Equator (EotE). The leadership is second to none and puts massive effort into communication, education, community and success. The members are warm, welcoming, and flexible regarding the “chat level”.

I believe EotE to quite possibly be THE perfect balance of social engagement, drive and encouragement of growth. I can’t imagine ever leaving and thoroughly enjoy being a member.


Leadership and collaboration are the keys to effective teamwork, and we’ve got both here! We have FUN while we’re at it!


As a new member, I can testify that this alliance is all that is claimed. Friendly, Supportive, and serious about achieving success within E&P. Great Alliance. Period.



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