Closed - E&P Paradise: East of the Equator!


We thank you for your interest. Should you still take the time to read this post & feel you missed out on a good thing… well you did! But paradise isn’t a perfect fit for everyone and an opening may pop up. We do keep a waiting list for such occasions - see our Discord server (link below) to get to know us better & save your spot on this awesome team!

Where is East of the Equator? :thinking: Both are hard to find places: East of the Equator (if you didn’t catch the humor in the name) doesn’t exist – but E&P paradise does! You’ll find it in East of The Equator! The best place to play Empires & Puzzles!

And there is currently space in Paradise!

:point_right: Who we are: The Summary :point_left:

Fun & funny, socially competitive, very supportive

:rofl: A good sense of humor required! :joy:

:scroll: Alliance Rules :scroll:
:fountain_pen: Invite only
:fountain_pen: Adults only
:fountain_pen: Minimum 1800 cups :trophy:
:fountain_pen: Hit titan daily & as often as possible
:fountain_pen: Use 6 flags in Alliance Wars
:fountain_pen: 3 days away & no contact = boot
:fountain_pen: Keep levelling & growing your team
:fountain_pen: Members must join Discord

Who we are: The Full Meal Deal

:heavy_check_mark: A somewhat competitive yet very welcoming, friendly & respectful team – That’s why it’s paradise!

:heavy_check_mark: Close knit, yet we all greet new clan members with open arms.

:heavy_check_mark::earth_americas: An international bunch​:earth_africa:, literally spread out around the world: There is usually always someone ready to chat! Some of us chat lots, some don’t chat much, it’s whatever you’re comfortable with.

:heavy_check_mark: We work as a team: fighting titans, winning wars, as well as helping each other improve our hero teams & game play! (again – paradise!)

:heavy_check_mark: We strive for real life / game play balance: while we love to win, this team won’t be setting alarms just to do so. Pay 2 Play, Cheap 2 Play or Free 2 Play doesn’t matter to us, if you bring a positive, respectful & team oriented approach to our alliance, you’ll be a great fit!

We have :100: % Team Participation!

We are supportive & encouraging – so much so that we’ve setup our own Discord chat server in order to effectively communicate with each other. There you’ll find: an entire library of info, tips & strategy advice on how to improve your game, Just for fun channels (it can’t all be E&P, even in paradise!) & gaming channels too!

Members must be on Discord as it is a critical communication tool for the team (if you aren’t familiar with it, please ask – one of our team members will walk you through it!)

:eyes: Looking to be part of something special? Of a great team who realizes that while we love to play Empires & Puzzles, there is real life to be lived too? To grow in your game play while making wonderful & entertaining new friends? Looking for E&P Paradise? :eyes:

Drop by our Discord, Let us know why you think you are a good fit for East of the Equator!

Simply enter in a web browser:

:bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow:

(Please note: direct game applications to our Alliance will be rejected – Interested players must first contact us via Discord.)

If we sound like the perfect team for you, but you don’t know what the heck this Discord is – no worries, let us know here & we’ll be happy to help you get up & running on Discord, chatting with the clan in no time!)

Have a line account? Want more info before signing up for Discord?
Feel free to contact Nick, one of our top teammates!
Line Profile name: Nick from EP
Line ID: nick1ep

Best game family ever!!!

You just can’t beat us so you might as well join us

I love East of the Equator! We have so much fun and no drama. Great leadership and reliable members make this team work!

Come see our library of game tips and strategies

And our Team Leader has an open “door” policy - dedicated to hearing everyone’s ideas & suggestions, complaints too!
I should know, I’m the team lead and count myself lucky to be part of this awesome alliance!

Garnet Velvet

We have fun playin our game. And fierce during war!

Just finished a war - we were not well matched (they were much stronger) - but, as always, we get to walk away with our heads held high because we never quite, we work as a team all the way through & we have FULL participation! We even almost had them!!!
Very Proud to get to be Team Leader of this awesome alliance!

Garnet Velvet

Yeah! Overmatched but we didn’t get whooped! Come check us out!

Come check out East of the Equator! We are the best. Hit us through discord! Don’t hate initiate!

Come on in and check us out, must apply through discord

Best alliance out there. Ask to join to see if you fit in!

Only 3 spots left, get yours now

We’ve just got 5 new clansmen! Count em 5! We are the best in titans and wars! We have fun and learn from each other. Teamwork! Come check out the best alliance in paradise!

Only 2 spots left! THE place to grow our E&P teams while truly enjoying being part of one!
Apply via our Discord Channel:

Only 2, just 2 more spots, get in while you can

2 spots left. Come check out paradise East of the Equator! Look us up on discord

That discord free stuff and us!

Not everyone is a fit for Paradise - and so we just got 1 spot that reopened!

Won’t be open long!!

Apply via Discord:

Do yourself a favor and at least check us out, dont know what your missing if you dont

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