CLOSED - Alliance disbanded. Doddsquad: leader dumped the clan

This alliance was suddenly dumped by it’s leader, Meeeee. The team members, thanks to Discord, found each other and forged a new alliance. Now called East of the Equator, the team is a successful & strong alliance, with a membership that includes absolutely wonderful, uplifting & supportive people.
Proud to be there Team Leader
Garnet Velvet

The more we’ve grown, the better we’ve gotten; the tighter a clan we’ve become! –& so  the opportunities to join **doddsquad** are getting rarer & rarer!

**doddsquad in a nutshell:**

Invite only, Minimum 1000 cups.

**Alliance Rules:**

- Hit the titan daily

- Use 6 flags in Alliance Wars

- 4 days away & no contact = boot

- Keep leveling & growing your team

- New members must join Discord

**Who we are: The full description**

A slightly competitive (cups range between 1000 to 2400) yet welcoming, friendly & respectful team. Close knit, yet we all greet new clan members with open arms. An international bunch, literally spread out around the world: There is usually always someone ready to chat!  Some of us chat lots, some don't chat much, it’s whatever you're comfortable with. Some members are newer to the game, some have been at it for a long while: but we are all still growing & so help each other improve our game: have a question, just ask - someone is always happy to answer!

We are very serious about hitting Titans :japanese_ogre: : Like everyone else in this game, we're all chasing ascension items! We're currently hitting 7* & 8*s :zap: We have a solid Titan growth strategy that involves heavy hitting most & resting on some – We’ll be hitting 9*s any day now! :grin:

We are supportive & encouraging – so much so that we’ve setup our own **Discord** chat server in order to more effectively communicate with each other:

* We have an extensive game play reference library
* We can post roster screen shots for advice on the best team for various situations
* We even have just for fun channels so team mates can get to know each other a bit better while waiting for flags to refill, wars to start or titans to spawn
* We’ve also found it quite an asset in helping our newest members get up to speed quickly on who we are & how we work! You’d feel like you’ve been with us forever in no time at all!
* **New members must be on Discord** as it is a critical communication tool for doddsquad! (if you aren’t familiar with it, please see reply below – one of our team members walks you through it!)

We participate in **Alliance Wars** – We have AW Leaders who help us set up our defence teams.  We have a few war strategies & communicate much during wars (in game chat & on Discord) to work effectively as a team. Teammates are to use all 6 flags during war as every point count! Don’t have a hero roster of 30 to use 6 flags – we’ll give you the secret to using up those flags!

We have a great team leadership, as well as a large base of knowledgeable co-leaders who work together to strengthen the alliance - & who are always happy to share their game play wisdom!

**Looking to be part of something special?** Of a great team who realizes that while we love to play Puzzles & Empires, there is real life to be lived too? To grow in your game play while making wonderful new friends?

**doddsquad** is a growing Alliance with active, daily playing members - come play & grow with us!

Look us up: **doddsquad** !

Thank you for taking the time to read my post! If we sound like a good match for you, please apply to doddsquad!

For those unfamiliar with Discord, here are some instructions: (provided by Grumpy Creature)

[1st a note from GarnetVelvet: Now Don’t wait to join doddsquad - if you think we sound like the perfect place you’d like to play Empires & Puzzles apply to doddsquad asap – our spots fill fast!

Not on Discord yet – no worries, you can follow the guide below after applying to doddsquad!]

For those new to Discord, it’s a game chat application that lets us record and share strategies and advice. It allows pictures and movies to be shared, so we can discuss how best to use your roster for war and titan hitting, and you can see examples from our top players how to maximise your score. We also have a laugh on there too!

It is available for Computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) at and is also on the Play and Apple stores.

If you haven’t used it before here are some basic instructions.


  • download the program for your computer

  • sign up using an email (no player ever gets to see this)

  • chose a nickname, it’s usually best to go with the same nickname you use on Empire and Puzzles

  • the screen will display a message about "wumpus". ignore that

  • go to the plus sign in the circle in the left menu, click on the + - enter our code XUsmQmg (it’s case sensitive)

  • you’ll end up in our lobby, just say hi, introduce yourself and one of us will be along shortly!

Android or iOS

  • download the app from your store

  • sign up using an email (no player ever gets to see this)

  • chose a nickname, it’s usually best to go with the same nickname you use on Empire and Puzzles

  • the screen will display a message about "wumpus". ignore that

  • click the 3 bar menu in the top left, a pane should slide out

  • go to the plus sign in the circle in that pane, click on the +

  • enter our code XUsmQmg (it’s case sensitive)

  • you’ll end up in our lobby, just say hi, introduce yourself, and one of us will be along shorthly!

Thanks for the invite on the other thread. I’m not sure I’m ready to leave my alliance quite yet but I like the sounds of yours.

My problem is that I have 2 accounts (both with six strong teams) plus another member who is glued to my side so he’d come with me. It won’t be easy leaving my alliance and probably even harder finding the right alliance with three openings.

I’ll write down the name of your alliance and keep an eye on the recruitment thread. If it’s meant to be, who knows what the future may hold :blush:

Hello Princess1,
We also keep a waiting list - via our Discord channel. If you aren’t ready to apply to us now, you can always ask to have yourself, as well as the 2 other game IDs , put on the list (especially if you want to wait until/ if there is a 3 spot opening). To do so just go to our Discord Server & introduce yourself. You’ll be granted guest access which enables you to see some of what we have to offer as well as being able to chatting w doddsquad members.

Wishing you all the best in your gaming!

Garnet Velvet

Hi Princess1

As Garnet Velvet says, feel free to join our Discord chat. We have recently emptied our waiting list with promotions. The advantage is that we actively message users on our waiting list, and give them first refusal. It also saves you checking on our recruiting status all the time. And It will let you discover if we are going to be a good fit for you and your friend before you commit to leaving your current alliance. Either way, happy gaming!


,very fun and helpful people. Check us out on discord

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