CLOSED 🏆 9* Titans w only 26 players!



Imagine what we could do with a full roster of like-minded players!

:earth_africa: East of the Equator :earth_americas:

Good sense of humor & teamwork required!

Serious about the game without losing our love of it!

  • A newer team with surprisingly deep game knowledge
  • We’re competitive, but not “set your alarm for 3am” competitive

Alliance rules:

  • Invite only, Minimum 1400 cups, 2000 Preferred
  • Hit the titan daily & as often as possible
  • Use 6 flags in Alliance Wars
  • 3 days away & no contact = boot
  • Keep levelling & growing your team
  • Must join Discord

Interested? Join our discord and we can get to know each other:
just type the below in any web browser:
(case sensitive)

(:scream: Sorry but applying directly in game will result in rejection – a quick chat with us on Discord is required to be accepted: We are looking for the right fit & You don’t want to waste your time joining the wrong alliance)

:thinking: Don’t know what Discord is? Need assistance accessing it? Let us know, we are happy to help!


Our clan can’t be beat. Come join our fun!


It’s worth it just for queen bee and her running commentary


4 out of 5 war wins recently, against some tough opponents. Think you’ve got the stones to keep up and get decent loot?
Talk to us on Discord; (case sensitive) and find out if we will be a good match for each other …


Great teamwork and plenty advice thats how we win wars and Smash Titans, looking for like minded folks to join us. If u fot the bill check us out on Discord… (case sensitive)


The other night I was having a nightmare.

I was battling an 8 star blaze dragon and I was alone… then I woke up and realized it wasn’t a dream and I wasn’t alone!

The nightmare was that the ■■■■ thing was dead. Oh did I mention we only had 21 members …

We are EoE.

Check in and see if you’re worthy to be east of the equator.


:fire: We are on fire!

Our roster is filling up.
Since we opened our gates a couple of weeks ago absolutely stellar new additions to our alliance have come on board! :star2:

Now only 4 spots left!

Keep in mind - we aren’t the easiest clan to get into, we are pretty picky, but we sure se worth it!

Did I mention: great sense of humour mandatory! :rofl:

Garnet Velvet
Proudly this team’s Leader!


And great sense of humor. For my uncivilized potential new recruits…


Smarty Pants Nick!
You saying your team leader shouldn’t be using good & proper Canadian English?! :scream:



This is the team to join if you are:
:bow_and_arrow: Active daily
:bow_and_arrow: Like winning wars & taking down titans
:bow_and_arrow: Can enjoy some light-hearted banter
:bow_and_arrow: Enjoy being part of a team that really works together to get the best out of this game


What everyone is saying. Awesome Alliance! So many helpful and knowledgeable players. Step on up! Bring your team to East of the Equator!


We’re growing, but we can be and we will be bigger!


Not many spots left in this alliance, check us out if you feel you can keep up, the present 8 star Titan is wobbling already and only 5 hours in…


Once you get in here you will never want to leave


Fighting our first 9*. Guaranteed kill. Want in? - still 4 spots left. Join us on Discord to introduce yourself: (case sensitive)
(direct requests to join in E&P not accepted)


9 star titan down with 7 hrs 35 min left. What a team


That’s where I’m at as a player at the moment. I’d be interested in trying you guys out but I don’t have Discord or Line, nor am I too keen on joining them. If that’s no good then fair enough and I’ll wish you good luck and happy hunting :slightly_smiling_face:


lol…I’ll get this right in a minute :flushed:


Hello! Garnet Velvet here, Team Leader of East of the Equator.
Nice roster! From the looks of your team, you’d fit right in (especially as our min cups requirement seems to be about to go up, way up!).

Unfortunately Discord is mandatory for both our members & applicants. I fully understand your reluctance though… it was a long debate within our own alliance as many were not interested in joining Discord either. But as we evolved into a more active & competitive clan we really did need a better communication channel than the in game chat.

On Discord:

:point_right:t2: a history of our dialogues is kept, so no matter what time you login you can catch up with anything important that would have been missed in game chat

:point_right:t2: pictures & screenshots can be posted - making it much, much easier for teammates (namely our War Guru Lost Rogue) to give advice on team line ups. (as well in our Off-Topic channels players can get to know each other better by sharing things like pictures of pets & hobbies - but only those who feel like participating, no pressure is there to do so)

:point_right:t2: Game Tips & Resource links can be compiled: we already have an extensive “library” of game play references to help anyone interested in improving their game

:point_right:t2: We can conduct group discussions regarding team strategies , as well as conduct voting polls in order to make important alliance policy decisions (These polls are the foundation of our alliance & one of the reasons we feel we are such a great team - everyone has the opportunity to have their say; leadership team was voted in; any new major decision is put to a clan vote to ensure we continue to progress in the direction the clan really wants to go (not just what one person decides).

While many of our alliance members are pretty quiet on Discord, it is there for when important information needs to be shared (our in game chat is very active much of the time, any information posted there tends to disappear rather quickly).

:point_right:t2: Discord also provides a means of sending an alert to a specific player or the entire clan when the need rises - i.e if someone has gone missing in action, I can send them a direct message inquiring about their absence rather than having to resort to blindly kicking them from the alliance… , If someone Alliance War team isn’t complete & war is about to start we can send them a quick note reminding them to fill in their team, …

:point_right:t2: and lastly - it also gives us the opportunity to chat with players like yourself interested in joining our alliance… in a more private setting. In Discord we can get to know each other a bit more & both can better assess if we are a good match for each other: Are you the right kind of player to fit our team? Do we strike the right balance between competitive & social to meet your playing needs?

One of the bonuses of Discord is that it can be accessed both via PC/Mac or mobile device (or both at the same time for those days I’m really multitasking!) - which is great for building a good reference library or having good discussions: having access to a full keyboard & wide screen can be quite convenient!.. Then again, so is being able to catch up on the fly on our phones like most of our leadership team does!

:smiley: If my very long explanation has convinced you to give Discord a try but would like some assistance, feel free to let me know! As with our team oriented game play, we’d be happy to help you with the process (and I assure you, it really is quite easy!)

:upside_down_face: But not all partnerships are meant to be… if you remain unconvinced about joining a game chat server like Discord or Line, again, I fully understand & do wish you the best in your Empires & Puzzles gaming! Should you change your mind the the future - look us up! One bonus of Discord is that we can keep a waiting list of players interested in joining our alliance (Yep - we actually do keep a waiting list, we’re just that great of a team that once someone discovers us they’re willing to wait to get on board!), once we have an opening we’d just send you a message letting you know we are ready to welcome you!

Wishing you a good night/ morning/ evening wherever you find yourself to be,


Thanks for your reply :slightly_smiling_face:.
I have used both Discord and Line previously and fully appreciate how they can assist with alliance growth. However they are not something I wish to revisit at this time, so I’ll wish you well, but sadly pass up this opportunity to join your alliance.