Closed - 2 Experienced players looking for alliance lvl 49

Advantage: War score below 50 000/newly created alliance.
Purple or Green tanks
coordinated war attacks / FFA with lowest targets first
discord use
War opted in - kick if no flag used
minimum 3 hits on titan.

If you have such alliance let us know name and we will join IN.

Example of reply: “alliance name”, war score: xxxx, days alliance active: xxx


From Ashes We’ve Arisen, Leader: Flicked Face, Trophy: 47383, Titan: 56609, War: 50257, 658days and going

Please Opt out of wars if not going to use all flags and please hit the titan when you can

We are a semi chatty alliance and will welcome you guys with open arms, jut watch out for TFO though LOLLLL

Looking for active and fun?
Try Misfit Toys or Mystic Meadows.

Visits welcome if you’d like to check us out first.

Oh! Must :heart: Love :cupcake: Cake & :cat: Cats!!!

:snowflake: :crossed_swords:
Saberofempires or chibipotato16 on line

I’m not posting our war info publicly, but if you message me, I’ll whisper it in your ear.
MT is established 3+ years with lots of experience.
MM is not quite a year and rising.

Not sure if you are looking for a newer alliance… but

Darkest Hyrule, War Score: 43693, Alliance active: 119 days (most have been together for over 900 days, we rebooted the alliance recently).

No coordinated tanks, and it is a FFA. We do have discord channel, although optional.

War score 56000
Green or Red Tank
Alliance active since 311 days
Only 2_spots free

Come and check us guys!

@scyther have you found a home? Shall I close this for you?

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