Closeable summon offers?


File this under "What I wanna see…"
Right now my Stronghold view has icons on the right side for the Halloween gem offer, a battle chest, and something else. If I know I’m not gonna buy em, there should be a way to remove them. Open one, for example, and there’s a little ‘hide (x)’ icon in the corner. I know I can find it in the gem store, but I want to see more of my map, not the banner ads.


Also. I know my food is full, I don’t need floating ham balloons everywhere. (When pigs fly…)
Can we change the icon to something less obtrusive? A glowing food store building or something, if we haven’t collected after, say, 12 hours?


Annoyed by the summon offers? No problem, all you have to do is get out your wallet…


Realistically, I also feel that each time you come onto the game you should be able to view the offer and then if you decline, you won’t see it again until you log in again. Good luck.